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  • Jason@DPD
  • November 19, 2009
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Several months ago we added the DPD Storefront system- our own twist on multi-item checkout. DPD Storefronts allow any DPD account to have an unlimited number of customized shopping carts, allowing you to use one DPD subscription to sell on many sites all with their own customizations.

However, this new Storefront system was not compatible with the legacy Standalone “Buy Now!” single product purchase buttons. This lead to being two separate product creation flows, two seperate product lists (Storefront and Standalone), and a lot of duplication. We always kinda hated that- it’s pretty confusing to new users. To correct it we’ve released a minor update to DPD that unifies the product lists and product creation process.

When DPD vendors log in to the Dashboard they’ll see a new set of options down the side- one “Create New Product” link and one “View Products” link:

the new, simpler dashboard sidebar
the new, simpler dashboard sidebar

The new Create Product page will now explain the two types of products and ask you which type of product you’d like to create:

creating a new product gives you a choice now
creating a new product gives you a choice now

And the new Product List page will show both your Storefront Products and your Instant Checkout Products:

...and all your products are in one place
...and all your products are in one place

You may have noticed from the screenshots that we’ve changed “Standalone Products” to “Instant Checkout Products” throughout. You see, developers see things differently from most people- we tend to name things by how they function or how they interface with the rest of what we’re doing, not what would make sense to a laymen or non-developer. I’m going to admit that calling instant “buy now!” products “Standalone” was probably one of those bonehead developer moves. Our bad.

Well, on the bright side we corrected it! Now Standalone Products are called Instant Checkout Products, i.e. “No cart- go straight to checkout with one item.” Hopefully this will make more sense to everyone.

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    by Greg Thurman
    Nov 21st, 2009


    Great work guys… Thanks for making things even easier!

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