Indie Underdog Pack 2 Bundle

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  • June 12, 2012
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We’re pretty busy here at DPD. Between supporting users, spending every free minute developing new features, and the day-to-day operations of running our business we don’t have much time for anything else. That said, when we need to unwind for a minute we’re more apt to fire up a game and shoot it out or solve a puzzle at our desks.

Thats why we’re happy to announce that the Indie Underdog Pack 2, a collection of independent games for PC, Mac, and Linux is using DPD to successfully distribute their products. We LOVE independent games and artists in general- they’re who DPD was designed to serve.

indie Underdog Pack 2 Bundle

The Indie Underdog Pack, or IUP for short, includes 5 games for $3.99. They’re also selling a “Champion Bundle” that includes the 5 bundle games, 2 bonus games, soundtracks and more for $8.00. They’re donating 10% to the ASPCA, and you have the option at checkout of adding a few extra bones (dollars) to go toward the organization.

They have a lot going on at their website: secret codes, more bonus content unlocked when sales milestones are reached- they even have a IUP comic.

I’ve only had time to play a few minutes 48 Chambers from Discord Games and Ichi from Stolen Couch Games so far (after all, supporting our users comes first), but from the enjoyment I’ve had from these two the bundle is already well worth the price I’ve paid and I look forward to playing the rest. There are also a number of favorable reviews around the net.

Games included in the IUP Bundle:

Tesla: The Weather Man (PC / DESURA)

Drains (PC/Desura)

Ichi (PC, Mac/Desura)

Clone Wolf (PC, Mac, Linux / DESURA)

48 Chambers (PC / DESURA)

Thats a lot of independent games for a low price! We encourage you to go check it out and support indie developers: Indie Underdog Pack 2

Internet Marketing Techniques for Selling Music

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  • October 29, 2010
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Seamus Anthony, a Melbourne, Australia-based musician and DPD user has written a great article on taking advantage of internet marketing techniques to promote music as an independent artist.

He talks about not only getting more exposure for your music, but also making sales:

[quote]Classic Internet marketing is not usually the kind of thing that musicians tend to consider appropriate for promoting their art. Yet to me, giving it a go makes perfect sense because getting more Facebook “likes” or YouTube views is one thing, and an important thing, but it’s not a sale.[/quote]

He also mentions DPD as a platform for not only selling your music, but also as a content delivery network for distributing your free track downloads.

Give it a look: Do Internet Marketing Techniques Work for Selling Music?

DPD Review: ProductShotPro

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  • June 14, 2010
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We’re going to start featuring great products and services who use DPD to sell and deliver their products. We love to support vendors who use DPD, and we enjoy seeing what you guys have done with your site and products!

ProductShotPro has two things going for it that make it a great featured vendor for DPD- A great product that lots of DPD vendors can use and a great website integration with DPD 🙂

Sample box product shot created with ProductShotPro

What is ProductShotPro?

Digital product graphics are popular with vendors who sell downloads. When buyers see a product shot of the item they are about to download they may be less apprehensive about spending money on downloadable products or software- helping to increase sales. This is where ebook cover software like ProductShotPro comes in.

Product Shot Pro is a complete graphics suite of professionally designed and easy to use 3D style product cover templates. With ProductShotPro you can create professional product shots of software boxes, ebook cover graphics, CD and DVD cases, and more. It uses Photoshop CS4 and CS5 Smart Objects to automatically turn your flat cover image in to a 3D product packaging graphic.

Sample report cover created with ProductShotPro

It includes over 100 product shots you can design, including:

  • Software Boxes
  • CD and DVD Covers
  • Binders and Notebooks
  • Hardcover Books
  • Paperback Books
  • Magazines and Reports
  • Brochures, Stationary, and Business Cards
  • 3D Screenshot layouts and more!

We’ve seen quite a few software packages and online services to create professional product shot graphics, but ProductShotPro has to be the most complete and well put together package of high resolution smart objects we’ve come across. In just a few minutes I was able to create all the sample “DPD Products” you see in this review!

How Does it Work?

ProductShotPro uses Smart Objects, which are like embeded Photoshop Images + transformations + effects inside other Photoshop documents. To create your cover graphic, you simply open the smart object that corresponds to the side or face of the product you are working on- for example the “front” or “spine” of a book or product box.

You then design your flat face graphic and save it- ProductShotPro smart objects automatically scale, transform, and apply layer effects and insert your flat 2D image in to a high definition, 3D product shot. ProductShotPro will automatically add reflections and shadows too!

ProductShotPro turns your 2D flat cover graphic in to professional 3D product shots.

ProductShotPro is a professional tool for making great high definition product shots, and you do need to have Photoshop CS4 or CS5 to use the smart objects. However, the included quick-start guide and clearly labeled and organized layers make it easy for anyone to start creating their own great looking product shots.

If you want to learn more they have a quick tour video that shows just how easy it is to create your own graphics on the ProductShotPro website– just click “View Tour” in the top right corner of the page.

DVD case made wth ProductShotPro

What is Included?

  • ProductShotPro Quick-Start Guide
  • Photoshop PSD product shot templates with smart objects
  • Free sample graphics to get you started
  • Quick reference chart to help you pick the perfect product shot

How Much Does it Cost?

ProductShotPro is available in a complete package with over 100 product shot types, or you can buy individual groups for just the products you need. Individual packs are a very reasonable $29, or you can pick up the complete suite for $199. You can browse all the pages in their DPD powered store.

When I told the guys at ProductShotPro that I wanted to review their product for DPD users they offered to give a special discount! You can use the coupon code below to save 15% off your purchase of an individual pack or the complete suite!

ProductShotPro 15% Off Coupon: DPDSAVE15%

Check out this ebook cover software today!

HDMonitor Recursive ProductShotPro Crazyness

And just for fun, here is a shot using the HD Monitor template that contains a screenshot of my desktop making the HD monitor template that includes a screenshot of me making the DVD cover graphic. You know, because I can.

DPD Vendors: Have a product you think other DPD users might be interested in? Have a great integration of the DPD cart with your sales site you want to show off? Drop us a line– you might be our next featured vendor!

DPD was not paid for this review, but ProductShotPro is a DPD vendor.

DPD Featured Vendors

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  • June 14, 2010
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We’ve decided that we’re going to start making semi-regular “DPD Featured Vendor” product and site review posts here on the DPD Blog for products and services that might be of interest to other DPD vendors.

This is good for a few reasons-

  • It gives DPD vendors free reviews, exposure, and promotion to a targeted group of users (download product sellers)
  • It shows people what others are doing with their DPD powered cart
  • It lets DPD show off great looking sites that use DPD
  • It lets DPD vendors provide a coupon or special value to other DPD vendors, saving them money while driving sales

DPD Featured Vendors will have a free review posted on the DPD blog as well as a spotlight link in the DPD newsletter. This will be for DPD vendors only and the featured vendors will be picked by the DPD team.

Want to be a DPD Featured Vendor?

Drop us a line and tell us about your product. Make sure you include a link to your sales site where you have integrated DPD as your solution to sell downloads. If you want to offer a special deal to other DPD users and readers of this blog, let us know what you have in mind. We’ll go from there! We want to spotlight and review products that other DPD vendors could use.

Some good examples might be:

  • Guides or ebooks related to selling downloads
  • Website templates, etc. for sales pages and selling downloads
  • Articles, content, graphics related to selling

Things that probably wouldn’t make good featured products:

  • Products completely unrelated to selling downloads like needlepoint patterns, scrapbook graphics, Adsense Affiliate guides, etc.
  • Products that are political or religious in nature
  • Adult, offensive, or illegal content not allowed for sale by DPD 🙂

You can check out our first featured vendor post here: ProductShotPro Review