Indie Underdog Pack 2 Bundle

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 12, 2012
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We’re pretty busy here at DPD. Between supporting users, spending every free minute developing new features, and the day-to-day operations of running our business we don’t have much time for anything else. That said, when we need to unwind for a minute we’re more apt to fire up a game and shoot it out or solve a puzzle at our desks.

Thats why we’re happy to announce that the Indie Underdog Pack 2, a collection of independent games for PC, Mac, and Linux is using DPD to successfully distribute their products. We LOVE independent games and artists in general- they’re who DPD was designed to serve.

indie Underdog Pack 2 Bundle

The Indie Underdog Pack, or IUP for short, includes 5 games for $3.99. They’re also selling a “Champion Bundle” that includes the 5 bundle games, 2 bonus games, soundtracks and more for $8.00. They’re donating 10% to the ASPCA, and you have the option at checkout of adding a few extra bones (dollars) to go toward the organization.

They have a lot going on at their website: secret codes, more bonus content unlocked when sales milestones are reached- they even have a IUP comic.

I’ve only had time to play a few minutes 48 Chambers from Discord Games and Ichi from Stolen Couch Games so far (after all, supporting our users comes first), but from the enjoyment I’ve had from these two the bundle is already well worth the price I’ve paid and I look forward to playing the rest. There are also a number of favorable reviews around the net.

Games included in the IUP Bundle:

Tesla: The Weather Man (PC / DESURA)

Drains (PC/Desura)

Ichi (PC, Mac/Desura)

Clone Wolf (PC, Mac, Linux / DESURA)

48 Chambers (PC / DESURA)

Thats a lot of independent games for a low price! We encourage you to go check it out and support indie developers: Indie Underdog Pack 2

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