Added Cross-Sales and various bug fixes.

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 6, 2018
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Woo, a non-GDPR post!

This week we released a Cross-Sell feature for products in DPD. This feature lets you offer an additional product to buyers when the add an item to the cart.

Up-Sell: Replace the item they added to the cart with another item

Cross-Sell: (new!) Add an item in addition to the item they added to the cart.

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Critical Update: seized by DOJ, ending support immediately

  • Jason@DPD
  • March 29, 2018
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The domain has been seized by the United States Department of Justice.

Payza and its associated an parent companies are being indicted on the following charges:

18 u.s.c. § 371 (Conspiracy);
18 U.S.C. § 1960(a) (Operating an Unlicensed Money Transmission Business);
18 u.s.c. § 1956 (h) (Conspiracy to Launder Monetary Instruments);
D.C. Stat.§ 26-1001 (Money Transmitting without a License)

Additionally, the indictment outlines several other criminal activities such as operating Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, money laundering related to controlled substances, and illegal pornography.

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We quietly made everything faster and better!

  • Jason@DPD
  • August 8, 2017

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Over the past few months we’ve been working on setting up a new environment for DPD to run on that will be scalable, handle bursts in usage better using magical load balancers, be more secure and resistant to attack, and deliver better database performance when people do those really big customer and purchase list searches that used to seem to take forever.

I’m happy to say we’ve completed our migration of the DPD database, admin, cart, and ftp to our new expanded Amazon Web Services environment and everything is… fast. Like, really fast. You should see a noticeably faster admin and checkout for your customers immediately!

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PayPal Certificate Upgrade Notice

  • Jacob@DPD
  • September 11, 2015
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As most of you are already aware, PayPal will be upgrading the SSL certificate for to SHA-256 on 9/30/2015 and has been sending out notices to pretty much everybody that uses their service.

What DPD is Doing

Our developers have known about this change for months and have taken the necessary action to accommodate it.

What You Need to Do

Nothing! We’ve taken care of this so you can all relax.

If you have further questions please feel free to write in a support ticket or talk with us on livechat.

PayPal is Having IPN Issues, DPD Vendors affected

  • Jason@DPD
  • January 28, 2013
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There have been numerous reports of purchases failing to activate in DPD this morning.

This is caused by a failure of the IPN system on PayPal’s side as outlined in this post by PayPal. As of Jan 28, 12:00 PM PST (Jan 28, 8:00 PM GMT) the IPN system is still broken.

If PayPal does not send the IPNs we can’t activate downloads. This will cause purchases to not appear in your DPD admin and no downloads or activation codes will be delivered by DPD. This is not a problem with DPD or your account- this is a failure of the PayPal payment notification system and there is nothing DPD or the vendor can do except to wait for them to fix it.

Updates from PayPal:

UPDATE 5: We have implemented a fix and IPNs for transactions processed after Jan 28, 10:47 AM PST (Jan 28, 6:47 PM GMT) are being sent now. We are expecting IPNs for new transactions to start being delivered in near real-time within the next hour. We are also estimating that missing IPNs for transactions processed between Jan 27, 11:04 PM PST (Jan 28, 7:04 AM GMT) and Jan 28, 10:47 AM PST (Jan 28, 6:47 PM GMT) will be delivered within the next 24 hours.

We will provide the next update by Jan 28, 3:30 PM PST (Jan 28, 11:30 PM GMT).

UPDATE 6: IPNs for new transactions are currently being delivered in near real-time. We are currently deliverying the IPNs for transactions between Jan 27, 11:04 PM PST (Jan 28, 7:04 AM GMT) and Jan 28, 10:47 AM PST (Jan 28, 6:47 PM GMT). We expect to complete this within the next 24 hours.

We will provide the next update by Jan 28, 7:00 PM PST (Jan 29, 3:00 AM GMT).
Sent Jan 28, 3:26 PM PST by SC

DPD Browser / Platform Stats

  • Jason@DPD
  • February 18, 2010
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Browser Usage ChartWe’re in the middle of a pretty big overhaul of the DPD user interface right now. Because we want DPD to work for the vast majority of our users (and their customers on the cart and delivery pages) we keep a close eye on our visitor platform / browser statistics.

We don’t compile statistics for individual stores or sites (and don’t want to)- these are aggregate numbers across every product, delivery page, cart, and the DPD site itself.

I thought I’d share some basic usage statistics with everyone so they can get some insight in to their fellow vendors as well as the visitors that purchase from their sites:

Platform / Operating System (top 5):

There are really no surprises here.

  1. Windows 85.94%
  2. Macintosh 12.49%
  3. Linux 0.78%
  4. iPhone 0.38%
  5. iPod 0.12%

Browser (top 5):

The Browser stats were interesting to us with Firefox being used more than Internet Explorer among our users and buyers.

  1. Firefox 46.40%
  2. Internet Explorer 36.17%
  3. Safari 8.24%
  4. Chrome 7.09%
  5. Opera 1.60%

Screen Resolutions:

When designing an interface your user’s screen resolution is vitally important- DPD is currently 955px wide to accomidate a 1024×768 resolution monitor. After looking at these statistics we might start thinking about targeting the 1280×1024 width, giving us approx. 220 more pixels of width to work with (about 22% more space).

  1. 1024×768 22.50%
  2. 1280×800 19.31%
  3. 1440×900 11.01%
  4. 1280×1024 10.34%
  5. 1680×1050 8.54%
  6. 1366×768 4.73%
  7. 1920×1200 3.30%
  8. 1920×1080 3.11%
  9. 1152×864 2.48%
  10. 1280×768 1.73%
  11. 1600×900 1.53%
  12. 1280×960 1.35%
  13. 800×600 1.35%

Digging Deeper with Windows

With 85.94%, Windows is far and away the most popular operating system on DPD (and with the entire world). Another thing we have to keep a keen eye on is what Windows and IE version everyone is using- There are drastic differences in how things are displayed between different IE versions and spending time making it work in all of them is something most designers dread.

Windows Breakdown:

From these numbers we can tell that less than 1% (0.54% to be exact) use a Windows operating system older than Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7 are slowly taking over though, with 40.81% of the total.

  1. XP 58.22%
  2. Vista 27.86%
  3. 7 12.95%
  4. Server 2003 0.43%
  5. 98 0.24%
  6. 2000 0.20%
  7. ME 0.06%
  8. 95 0.04%

Internet Explorer Breakdown:

The most critical stat for interface designers and developers is the IE version statistics. There are entire sites dedicated to designer’s hate of IE6, and IE7- while slightly better- is not loved much at all either. IE8 it approaching standards compliance and reaching parity with the Webkit (Safari, Chrome) and Gecko (Firefox) rendering engines, so we’re happy that the majority of our users are installing the free upgrade from Microsoft.

  1. IE 8 56.36%
  2. IE 7 31.89%
  3. IE 6 11.66%
  4. IE 4 0.09%

Occasionally we’ll get a support ticket about having to horizontal scroll to see the entire DPD web page, or about transparent images not displaying correctly in Windows 98. We don’t really have a good reply for these people other than to urge them to upgrade their browser or operating system.

Seriously folks, if you’re using IE6 please go upgrade to IE8– it’s free from Microsoft, more secure, and renders the entire web better. Or try a new browser- DPD actually looks better in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox because of the additional CSS properties these browsers support like rounded corners and drop shadows! All three alternates listed are available for both IE and Mac and are free!

As developers of a service that serves thousands of vendors, tens of thousands of customers, and hundreds of thousands worth of transactions a year we can’t focus our time and energy on the 0.46% of our visitors and shoppers who are using a 12 year old operating system like Windows 98 with IE4- it’s not fair to the other 99.54% of our users who use modern operating systems and browsers and would be better served by us developing new features and improvements.

We hope this was an interesting look at some statistics behind DPD. If there is any interest in future updates we might make a post like this again in the future- let us know what you think!

DPD Has Gone Green

  • Jason@DPD
  • November 20, 2009
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Its no secret- here at DPD we love being able to breathe. That’s why we’ve partnered with CO2Stats to to offset our emissions with EPA-Certified, audited renewable energy. Digital delivery is already the most ecologically conscious delivery option on the planet- no trees get chopped down, no gasoline is burned in delivery trucks, and no fuel is consumed keeping inventory climate controlled.

We’ve taken it one step further by offsetting our CO2 emissions with clean renewable power.

CO2Stats calculates the combined electricity used by computers visiting this site, the servers providing it, and the networks that connect them. CO2Stats then helps to make this site more energy efficient (and load faster), and purchases renewable energy to neutralize the carbon emissions due to generation of that electricity.

CO2 Stats calculates the CO2 footprint of the DPD servers, vendors using the service- even the buyers who purchase products! We then offset these emissions with EPA-endorsed green energy certificates, effectively powering the site with renewable energy from wind and solar farms.

so its not very exciting yet, but we just turned it on.  be patient!
so its not very exciting yet, but we just turned it on. be patient!

You can always check out the current consumption and offset by clicking the Green Certified logo in the bottom right of every page. Now everyone can help offset carbon emissions by using DPD.