Added Cross-Sales and various bug fixes.

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 6, 2018
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Woo, a non-GDPR post!

This week we released a Cross-Sell feature for products in DPD. This feature lets you offer an additional product to buyers when the add an item to the cart.

Up-Sell: Replace the item they added to the cart with another item

Cross-Sell: (new!) Add an item in addition to the item they added to the cart.

Examples of cross-sells you might use:

“Want to add this installation service for $X with the purchase of this script?”

“Want to add the audio version of the book when you buy the PDF?”

“Want to add these batteries when buying this battery operated toy?”

Cross-sells are configured per-product just like up-sells are. You can specify the price point used, so you can use the feature to offer a special one-time discount when adding a product to the cart. For example, the regular price might be $24.95 but you can create a $19.95 price point and use it for the cross-sell on a complimentary product.

Please be aware though- It is possible to chain products together with Cross-sales and up-sales to make an annoying endless list of this-or-that choices when adding items to the cart. You should avoid that 🙂

Other bug fixes and updates released or patched since the last update:

  • Added order.marketing_optin as a merge var in the conversion tracking.
  • Added order.marketing_optin to template docs.
  • Upped the Pin Payments gateway timeout since they were slow. We blame whales chewing on the undersea cables.
  • Added a fall back to receiver_email if business email isn’t present in the IPN data from PayPal because PayPal is random and silly sometimes.
  • Added an additional safeguard against deleted customers when trying to authenticate a cart/download session.
  • Add option to control marketing opt-in during “send free download” process.

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