New Feature: Multilingual DPD Cart

  • Jason@DPD
  • November 22, 2009
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We’ve had numerous requests to make the cart and delivery pages of DPD multilingual to facilitate selling in non-English speaking countries.

Today we’ve published our first update to address multilingual checkout. Visitors to the storefront cart on your web page will now be presented with a language dropdown in the top right corner to change to their native language. The current language choices are English (default), Spanish, and French. This will change the cart language, currency display format, and delivery page language.

We’re not done though- we plan to add the following features to the multi-language checkout over the coming weeks:

  • Additional Languages – German and Portuguese
  • Vendor selectable default language- Right now the default is English, but soon vendors will be able to set their own default from the list of available languages.
  • Instant Product delivery page language selection
  • A few miscellaneous messages that are not currently translated
  • Error pages that are not currently translated

If there is a language you would like to see DPD in that is not currently supported or planned please tell us about it- we’ll be adding languages based on your requests. This is by no means a complete feature and we plan to improve it over the coming weeks.

Cart view in international Spanish
Cart view in international Spanish

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