DPD Update: Localized Checkout, CSV Customer Export, Address Collection, Admin Updates, and More

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  • January 21, 2010
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We’ve just published and update to DPD that incorporates the following new features, changes, and bug fixes as well as lays the groundwork for a couple major features coming soon. Please read on to learn whats new and coming up with DPD:

Localized Checkout

We’ve been running a beta of the localized checkout system with several vendors for the past few weeks and it’s now available to all. DPD Vendors can now select a default language for the shopping cart and/or instant checkout experience as well as the PayPal checkout process locale. Buyers will always have the option to override the displayed language if it is not in their native tongue.

All alternate languages have been professionally translated by a trusted 3rd party translation company.

This will allow vendors to create products and stores targeted at different countries and markets- For example, a US vendor can create a product or store targeted at the French market with the cart + all PayPal pages being presented in French, etc.

This is a storefront level setting for storefront products and a product level setting for instant checkout products.

Available languages include:

  • English (default)
  • French
  • German
  • International Spanish
  • Italian

If you would like to see DPD in another language please make a request via support ticket. We’ll be adding more languages regularly based on your requests.

Address Collection

DPD vendors can now choose to collect an address for PayPal transactions. This is useful if you offer a download + physical delivery product. The address is stored and displayed both within PayPal and with the DPD transaction record inside DPD. This is our first step toward full physical product support that is in development.

This is a storefront level setting for storefront products and a product level setting for instant checkout products.

The available options for address collection include:

  • Do Not Collect Address (Default – all current products are set to this value)
  • Address is Optional
  • Address Required

CSV Customer Export

Vendors can now export customers from the Customer Center to a CSV compatible file for import in to other programs and services such as mailing list managers, accounting programs, and support systems.

We’ll be adding the export feature to the transaction look-up tool- Coming Soon™.

Admin Updates and Tweaks

New File Uploader

A few weeks ago we switched to a new java based file uploader that can handle files up to 2GB in size. The new java based uploader is much more reliable and causes less issues than the old flash based uploader did for many people.

Better Download Limit Control

We’ve changed the download limit from a simple “Check here to limit to 2 attempts” to a drop-down with multiple options. Vendors can now give buyers more attempts to download the product before the download URL is disabled. As always, you can disable the download attempt limit and rely on only the download time limit function or vice-versa.

Free Download URL Display to the Vendor

When you send a free delivery of a product DPD will now also display the customer’s free download URL to the Vendor. In some instances the recipient failed to get the email from DPD’s servers due to their mail server settings or spam controls- now vendors can send the URL directly with their own personal message.

Minor Fixes and Tweaks

  • Various text edts / typo corrections
  • New sales site pages describing new features
  • Fixed a couple buttons that were not displaying correctly
  • Minor performance related back end changes
  • Minor adjustment to s3 file delivery and caching for better performance

Groundwork for New Features

Google Checkout

In this update we made some “under the hood” changes to DPD code to prepare for adding Google Checkout as a payment processor. DPD is currently working toward Google Checkout certification as an advanced hosted shopping cart provider. Google Checkout is a great alternative to PayPal for US and UK vendors and we think you’ll like it a lot.

This feature is Coming Soon™.

PayPal Donation Support

We’re adding support for PayPal Donations with automatic product delivery. This will allow you to give a thank you gift to donors after they pay any amount or a set minimum. DPD will support “choose your own donation amount” as well as fixed amount donation buttons.

This feature is Coming Soon™.

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