DPD… Now 60% Shorter!

  • Jason@DPD
  • April 20, 2010
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Here at DPD HQ we type in the www.digitalproductdelivery.com URL about 2 million times a day. It’s one big honkin’ domain name, and it’s been bugging us for a while. That, and because its so long its prone to typos when someone is trying to enter our URL. To remedy that, we’ve switched DPD to use our new getDPD.com domain.

www.digitalproductdelivery.com = 30 characters
getdpd.com = 10 characters

That’s a finger-typing savings of 60%!

All joking aside, we hope this shorter URL will be easier to type for everyone involved.

There is no need to update any already placed cart buttons or instant checkout buttons- through the magic of the internet they are automatically redirected to the new domain and vendors don’t need to update anything. We’ll still maintain the www.digitalproductdelivery.com domain until around the time the sun burns out.

As always, if anyone discovers any problems with this domain change or any other DPD feature please let us know– we’re here to help!

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    by Greg Thurman
    Apr 20th, 2010


    Great headline!

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