ClickBank Updates, Additions to IPN Notification System

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 12, 2010
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Today we published a small update that tweaked how a couple DPD features worked. None of these affect currently deployed DPD buy buttons or products already set up in the system.

ClickBank Updates

Previously DPD would only work if a ClickBank sale initiated through a DPD generated buy button. DPD will now work with ClickBank if the sale initiates through either a DPD buy button OR a direct ClickBank link such as

This should solve problems going forward with some users using pre-built scripts to power their ClickBank sales sites, and also sales that originate through 3rd party ClickBank directory type sites.

Also, ClickBank “thank you” pages provided by DPD now show a relevant error instead of the standard 404 error for dead pages when they are browsed to directly. The page will show an “active” status message when the product is set up and good to go. DPD generated “thank you” pages will only provide download links when part of a successful checkout through ClickBank.

This only affects new products being created from today forward. Previously created products are unchanged to prevent breaking already deployed buy buttons. If anyone wants the new functionality they are welcome to update their buy button code, but it is not required.

IPN Notification URL Updates

We’ve added POST vars for the contents of the cart checkout to the DPD IPN Notification URL system. These new additions include:

X = the item number in the checkout, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.

For each item:

‘item_nameX => The product name for this item
‘item_numberX => The DPD product ID number for this item
‘quantityX => The quantity of this item sold. Typically “1”
‘mc_gross_X => The product price for this item
‘mc_currency_X => The price currency for this item
‘skuX => The SKU / Stock number for this item
‘product_keyX => If a product key was delivered through DPD’s new keycode delivery system for this item, it will be included here.

These are all the same as PayPal IPN POST vars, so they should be very close to compatible with any 3rd party services or scripts designed for PayPal or the PayPal IPN system.

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