DPD Update: New Vendor Control Panel

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 29, 2010
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This morning we published an update that introduced an all new vendor control panel. This fluid, full width admin interface makes better use of widescreen monitors and higher resolution displays- something our server usage stats tell us that most vendors are moving toward. We’ve also made a couple usability improvements that we hope will make things easier to understand for everyone that uses DPD to sell downloads.

New Vendor Control Panel

New Vendor User Interface

The new vendor control panel is based on the 960gs system and is a fluid, full width template that uses 100% of your monitor instead of the bit in the middle. This gives us the ability to pack more information on a screen, reduces scrolling, and gives us lots of places to stick new features đŸ™‚

Of note in the new admin interface is the side navigation- we’ve moved all commonly used vendor functions to the left sidebar for easy navigation from any page in the admin. We hope this will help people find everything they’re looking for a little easier.

Usability Improvements- “New Product Wizard”

New Product Wizard
New Product Wizard

As far as we know, DPD is the only download cart on the internet that allows users to set up multiple websites, each with their own customizations, on one account. Sadly, this also made DPD a little more complicated than other carts. To help correct this and make DPD easier to use for all, we’ve created a “New Product Wizard” that guides you step by step through picking the store you want to sell through, choosing your product type, uploading your product, and setting its features and options.

Vendors no longer have to go to the specific store they want to create a product under and hunt for a create product button- just click the “Add New Product” link in the new left nav menu for every new product- we explain the process along the way in plain english once you get started!

New Customization Option… Tomorrow

Tomorrow we’re adding a powerful new customization option that will let you completely control the look and feel of your cart and delivery pages. Check the blog tomorrow for the feature announcement and a link to the documentation for this powerful new feature!

As always, we value everyone’s feedback and we read every message you send us. If anyone has any questions, problems, or comments please log in to your DPD account and submit a ticket- we’ll get back with you ASAP!

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