New Features! Custom Templates and Customer Info Collection for Free Products

  • Jason@DPD
  • August 10, 2010
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Would you like that a bit more blue?

How about making the fonts a nice shade of green? Want to scrap what we gave you and start from scratch? Now you can! DPD now supports full cart and delivery page customization for all 20 product or more plans. We have two different ways to do it for your customization pleasure: Basic color and the advanced full template customization.

To get started, go to the Look and Feel page of your website profile and open up a template editor:

If you get lost, just read the button

Basic: Color Customization

Not so keen on the HTML and CSS? No problem- Go the easy route and pick 11 glorious colors to make the default template look a little more like your site.

Color Pickers. Because they pick colors, Avi.

Advanced: Full Template Customization

For the artistic and technical types we offer full template customization so you can customize how your cart and delivery pages look down to the last pixel. This powerful method is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to check out the documentation before diving in here.

Yes, that is completely my cat Pickles. And yes, Pickles is the most awesome name for a cat ever.

Whichever method you choose to customize your customer experience, we’re pretty sure you’ll never want to go back to stock. But if you happen to make your website a bit too purple and red, click on the revert link to start over.

New Feature Documentation: Cart and Delivery Page Customization

Collect Customer Info on Free Downloads

Tired of giving free downloads to random strangers? Now you can make them stand up and be counted. The “collect customer info” feature requires that anybody downloading your product gratis is required to give a name and an email address. Of course we’ll treat these downloads like any other purchase and ping you with the API and send your customer’s information on to your mailing list manager.

Yeah, that's easy.

This is a per product option and all new products will default to “Collect Info On” for free checkout buttons and sales that result in a free checkout because of coupons.

You can also customize the collect customer info page template to your hearts content just like the cart and delivery pages!

Did somebody say list building?

What’s next? We’re not saying much but it rhymes with smaultiple squantities and stangible sgoods.

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    by Chris Clarke
    Aug 23rd, 2010


    Pickles is indeed a great name for a cat.

    Oh, and the customization options are great too.

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