Mid-Week Updates

  • Jacob@DPD
  • September 21, 2010
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Today’s release brings a handful of changes to DPD.

Updated Purchase List

We’ve upgraded everyone’s purchase list with useful new features:

  • Search for purchases by customer name.
  • Date range presets save you a few seconds every time you use them.
  • Sales total is now displayed at the top of the purchase list. You no longer have to add up all those numbers by hand!
  • Export as CSV feature lets you import the data into Excel or any other program that supports reading CSV files.

SSL Everywhere

DPD now uses HTTPS (secure HTTP) for every admin and delivery page on the site. This makes DPD 100% safe to use on insecure networks like public WiFi. All existing carts and buy now buttons will be automatically redirected to HTTPS without any intervention on your part. All new buttons will use HTTPS by default.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added option to email affiliates when posting new news.
  • Fixed name and description getting garbled in Google Checkout when using accented and non-ASCII characters.
  • Do not show “payment received” line on delivery pages when giving free downloads.
  • Added feedback tab back to admin. Keep the feedback coming, we love it!
  • Fixed incorrectly PayPal masspay file. If you received an “invalid masspay file” error in PayPal, please re-export your masspay file and try again.

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