MailChimp: Planned Outage on Oct 10

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 8, 2010
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TGIF!   This is just a quick heads-up reminder all DPD vendors using the DPD MailChimp Integration that they have a planned outage this weekend on October 10 at 1 AM ET.  They anticipate the outage will last from 2 – 4 hours while they upgrade their systems.

From the MailChimp Blog:

We’re moving a large portion of MailChimp’s brain power to a much bigger, much faster server. Our recent growth, and the rapid uptake of Social Pro (there were more than 50 million social data queries since we made it free 2 weeks ago in v5.3), mean we have to add extra capacity much sooner than anticipated.


Most of our upgrades are like changing tires on a moving car: we rarely pull over to stop, because your emails, your open tracking, and your list subscriptions never stop. But this upgrade is more like swapping out our engine (and adding in 4 turbochargers, plus a larger trunk), so we have to stop the car this time. That means open tracking, click tracking, list subscriptions, and everything will be temporarily turned off.

This means that DPD products and websites using the MailChimp integration will not pass purchasers details to MailChimp while they’re offline.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this might cause DPD vendors, but MailChimp has picked the best time of the week to do it when both general internet traffic and DPD purchase activity is at its lowest. MailChimp is pretty awesome though (we use them for our pathetically infrequent update newsletters) and this is the first outage we’ve ever seen from them.  I’m sure they’ll be back online with more-better-faster services for everyone before you know it!

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