January 3, 2011 Update

  • Jacob@DPD
  • January 3, 2011

Happy new year! We have just released a few upgrades to DPD.

URLs can now be delivered via the key delivery product type. No configuration is needed on your part. Simply enter a key that starts with “http://” or “https://” and we will link to that URL on the delivery page.

We have added an option to override PayPal shipping settings and always ship a product for free.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with delivered filename getting corrupted when using filenames with special characters.
  • Fixed a problem with the FTP drop box not working when the filename has a “#” character in it.
  • Fixed a problem activating ClickBank combo products when delivered through the thankyou page.

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    by Leonard
    Jan 05th, 2011


    Your update seems to have caused a big problem with Clickbank purchases:

    DPD no longer seems to receive — or at least store — the buyer’s name and email address. All transactions appear empty, with no buyer’s name and email. And all the purchase notifications (e.g. for AWeber integration) are not being sent since Jan 3 2011.

    I hope you can look into this and fix this problem as soon as possible, because it affects the delivery of the products to paying buyers AND puts a lot of stress on every vendor’s support staff.

    Thanks — I trust in you guys.

    by Jacob@DPD
    Jan 05th, 2011



    Sorry about that! We’ve just released a bug fix that addresses this problem.

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