New Feature: IP logging and Geo-Location for DPD Transactions

  • Jason@DPD
  • January 7, 2011
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We’ve published a new feature today that many vendors have been requesting-  Buyer IP logging and Geo-Location.

DPD now records the IP address of the buyer with each transaction and the information is available on the Purchase Detail page, through the DPD IPN system, and for use on delivery page templates through its own merge tag.

We also use the IP to geo-locate the buyer and display their location on a world map on the Purchase Detail page.  This can help give you an idea where you buyers are coming from (and also it just looks cool).

The technical details:

Buyer IP Address IPN field value:


DPD IPN Notification URL Documentation >>

Buyer IP Delivery Page Template Merge Var:  

{{ purchase.ip_address }}

Customizing Your Cart Checkout and Delivery Pages Documentation >>

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