May 4th, 2011 Update

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  • May 5, 2011
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We’ve published an update to the live servers that brings several new features and improvements to the vendor admin-

Alertpay Upgraded to a Cart Processor

Vendors can now use Alertpay for both instant checkout and multi-item cart checkout. Alertpay can be used alongside Google Checkout or PayPal or replace them as the cart processor.

New Payment Method Configuration

DPD has an all new payment method configuration page that allows vendors to select any combination of compatible cart processors. This will also allow us to add many more payment processors in the future, including merchant accounts like (Coming Soon™).

New Store Wizard

When creating a new store vendors are now guided by an easy setup wizard that will collect the minimum information required to create and activate a store. After activation, advanced options like notification URL setup and download security control tweaks are available. We hope this will end the confusion some vendors were experiencing when being faced with every store option all at once.

Sandbox Modes for Google Checkout and PayPal

Updated Purchase Detail Page
When configuring a processor you now have the ability to place it in sandbox mode to make test transactions. You must have sandbox accounts and all processor sandbox rules apply- this feature is for the more technical DPD users. You can find the sandbox setting on each processors setup page under Payment Methods.

UI Upgrades

We’ve upgraded the user interface on a few pages within the DPD admin- The Purchase Detail and Product Detail pages have been overhauled to be more readable and organized and we’ve updated the button styles throughout the admin to be more user friendly.

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