Scheduled Server Upgrade Notice

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 10, 2011
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It’s that time again!

This Thursday, October 13 at around 9PM Eastern (UTC -5) we’ll be migrating DPD to new production web and database servers.

Periodically we upgrade the server hardware that the DPD service runs on to provide better capabilities to our users and increase capacity. This upgrade is also in direct response to the data center related network issues we experienced one day last month- we’re working to make sure something like that never interrupts service for our vendors again!

What this means for you:

Well, first of all once the upgrade is complete your customers will experience even faster, more reliable downloads than ever before. However, there are going to be some limited DPD services during the move as well as a short period of downtime while everything is redirected to the new location.

We Expect:

Around 10-15 minutes of downtime where all DPD services, including buy buttons and product delivery, will be unavailable.

We’re sorry about the downtime, but it’s required to migrate the DPD product and purchase database without transactions getting lost in between.

Followed by 5 minutes to 4 hours that you will not be able to create new products, but purchases and downloads will work.

During this time DPD will work for your customers, but you will not be able to create new products. Once the database is migrated we will disable creating new products on the old servers- once your computer’s DNS records update to point to the new server you’ll be able to create products again and DPD will be back to normal. This time frame is wholly dependent on your ISP’s DNS update policies and we expect the majority of our vendors to fall in the 5-60 minutes area before full services are restored.

So to recap- We’re upgrading! We’ll have a few minutes of downtime on Thursday night, followed by a couple hours weirdness on the admin side of DPD, but customer’s will be able to buy and download products. Then, everything will be more awesome! That is when the DPD guy’s will probably start drinking beer to celebrate.

And as always, thanks for using DPD!

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    by Chris
    Oct 10th, 2011


    Good luck guys.

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