Oct 27, 2011 Update: Email Customers and Delete Transactions

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 27, 2011

We’ve published an update that brings a couple requested features to DPD- The ability to email customers directly from DPD and the ability to delete transactions.

Email Customers Editor

Email Customers from DPD

We’ve built in a system where you can now email your customers directly from DPD. This is in addition to any 3rd party mailing list integration you may have set up and is useful for sharing product update, upgrade, or support information with your buyers.

You can currently filter the customer group you can send to by product purchased and/or date range of purchase. There is a rich HTML editor with available merge vars like “customer name” to customize the email to each recipient.

We’re looking for feedback on this new feature, so if you like it or have ideas on how to make it better please drop us a line and tell us what you think!

Delete Transactions

Delete Transactions

We’ve been asked recently how to delete transactions. You can now do so by clicking the delete button on the transaction detail page. This will remove the transaction from your sales statistics and product sales exports, as well as remove it from your purchase list in DPD.

Deleted transactions will have their downloads disabled immediately, so care should be taken when deleting active transactions!

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    by Greg Thurman
    Oct 31st, 2011


    Great updates. Thanks guys!

    by Gregg
    Jan 07th, 2012


    Go, DPD! I haven’t sold any digital downloads for a while but I’m super excited to a service I loved and promoted as an affiliate in the early days doing so well. Great work!

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