Feb 14, 2012 Update: Exclude Products from Coupons, Added Product Keys to Purchase Email, Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Jason@DPD
  • February 14, 2012
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Today we published a minor update that includes a number of customer requested features and a few bug fixes and tweaks.

Mark Products as Coupon Eligible

DPD vendors can now mark individual products as coupon eligible when editing a product. This is a simple on/off checkbox setting that when unchecked will exclude the product from all coupon calculations, both fixed and percentage based. This is useful for when you have a new product that you don’t want to allow coupons on, but want coupons to be valid for your older stock, etc.

Added {product_keys} Merge Var to Email Templates

Vendors can now print the product keys in a purchase directly to the Purchase Ready email. The {product_keys} merge var will print all the product keys in an order, one per line, in a productname: key format like so:

Product Name: Key
Product Name: Key
Product Name: Key

The {product_keys} merge var has been added to the default email template. If you have customized your email template you’ll need to manually add it where you would like it to appear.

Customer List Now Shows Customer Counts

We’re not really sure why we didn’t have this in there sooner, but a vendor pointed out to us that there was no way to get a customer count for people who have purchased from a store. We’ve added a count to the customer list, based on the filter results, just like the purchase list works.

Other Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Reports page now includes coupons in calculations
  • A broken link to a KB articles was fixed
  • Fixed a redirect issue with out support desk
  • Added ability to search purchases by coupon
  • Fixed a bug with Aquatic Prime licenses
  • Fixed a bug where customers who bought from more than one store on a vendor’s account didn’t show up for both stores
  • Fixed a bug that created a 404 error when editing email templates
  • CSS fixes and tweaks

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