Mar 22 2012 Update: Version 2 Cart Updates

  • Jacob@DPD
  • March 22, 2012
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Today’s update includes several updates to the version 2 cart:

  • The cart will now use your customer’s location to guess the selected country. If a location could not be found it still defaults to US.
  • You can now customize the text that’s displayed next to the payment methods.
  • All new stores now default to using the version 2 cart.
  • You can now customize the cart button color if you don’t like the blue.
  • You can now choose which countries you want to support. You can also float your primary countries to the top of the list by marking them as “Priority” countries.
  • Quantity is now hidden on the cart and on delivery if the product doesn’t support multiple quantities to be purchased at one time.
  • Fixed store image not appearing on PayPal checkout.
  • Fixed product description wrapping on cart view.

Response to the version two cart has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you for all of your great feedback.

In addition to version 2 fixes we also upgraded the store chooser to remember your last store between logins.

This publish also ends our support for PayDotCom and 2Checkout. You will no longer have the option of using these processors when creating a new store. These payment processors accounted for less than 0.1% of all checkouts combined. However they required a large amount of testing and were a support burden. Dropping support will free us up to add features to DPD even faster. If you have an existing store that uses PayDotCom or 2Checkout it will continue to work and we will do our best to keep it running for you.

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