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  • Jason@DPD
  • April 20, 2012

Cerizmo.com is closing it’s service on May 14, 2012. As a result, they have recommended that their users switch to DPD to continue selling downloads. This post is intended to clear up any questions Cerizmo users may have.

How does DPD work?

DPD works almost exactly like Cerizmo. You upload your products to DPD and set a price and product options. DPD gives you HTML button code for you to copy-and-paste in to your website. When a customer buys your products, DPD sends them to your choice of processor for payment directly to you. Once the customer has paid, DPD provides them with a unique, expiring download page for them to get their products.

Like Cerizmo, DPD charges a flat monthly fee with no transaction fees, bandwidth fees, or commissions.

How is DPD different?

DPD offers numerous product types: Digital Downloads, Keycodes, Tangible Goods, and Service Products are possible

DPD allows you to have more than one “store” in your account, so you can sell on multiple websites, all with their own customizations, from one DPD account.

DPD supports multiple processors: PayPal Standard, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout, Alertpay, and Clickbank

DPD integrates with popular 3rd party marketing software: AWeber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Imnica Mail, GetResponse, and CampaignMonitor

DPD has an all new, feature rich, customizable cart, checkout, and delivery system so that you can match the checkout to your store.

DPD support is provided by the developers and is currently under active development. We’re constantly adding new features and improvements every week!

Ok, I’m ready to switch. How do I get my products in DPD?!

First, create a free trial account. You’ll be asked some questions about your store and where we should send buyers to pay. Once you have completed this initial setup, you’ll be sent to the Dashboard, our overview page for your account.

The left menu contains all the day-to-day product, store, and customer management tools.

You have 2 options to get your products in to DPD:

1. One at a time
2. Bulk Upload using FTP

If you only have a few products it may be easier for you to just create them one at a time. Our product setup wizard guides you through the upload and setup process. To create a single product, simply click the New Product link at the top of the left menu.

If you have many products, the Bulk FTP Upload option is the best. You can get your FTP information by clicking the FTP Import link in the left menu. Once your products are uploaded they will appear on this same page. You simply need to go here, select the upload you want to make a product for, and follow the link to create a product.

Once your products are set up, go to the Button Creator link in the left menu. Here you can create cart button code to replace the Cerizmo buttons on your website.

I need Help!

We’re here for you. Use the “Need Help?” form in the bottom right of every DPD page to submit a support ticket, or browse our knowledgebase for more information.

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    by Photo3d
    May 15th, 2012


    Cerizmo.com is still working. There is no evidence for closing. Is DPD connected to Cerizmo.com?

      by jasonchance
      May 16th, 2012


      Cerizmo closed down yesterday. Their domain has been purchased and is redirecting to another service which charges a commission based fee to sell products, which is completely different from how both DPD and formerly Cerizmo operates.

      We were told about Cerizmo’s closing by it’s owner before we made this blog post.

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