New Feature: Universal 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Integration

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 6, 2012

Recently we’ve had a lot of requests to integrate various 3rd party conversion and affiliate tracking systems with DPD. These integrations use either a bit of JavaScript or a HTML tracking pixel image on the confirmation page of your store to track sales.

Well, we’ve just released a universal 3rd party HTML / JavaScript Conversion Tracking integration!

This integration will allow you to place any 3rd party conversion or affiliate tracking code on your store’s delivery / order confirmation page. The integration also includes variables for order, customer, and store values so you can pass information like the order total, purchase ID, or customer info in to your tracking code.

The integration is easy to use:

1. Log in to your DPD account
2. Go to Integrations in the left menu
3. Add the “3rd Party Conversion Tracking Code” integration to your store
4. Name the integration and paste your code.
5. Save. That’s it!

Links to the available variables and reference documentation are on the setup page.

DPD Knowledgebase Documentation

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    by Chris Clarke
    Jul 07th, 2012



    by webalys
    Jul 09th, 2012


    Wonderful! I will try to connect with Curebit this way.
    Love the way you listen to your customers!

      by jasonchance
      Jul 10th, 2012


      I’ve been in contact with Curebit and we’re working to get accurate documentation added on both our sites so it’s easier for you. We’ve added CureBit docs in our KB here showing you how to get it set up using the conversion tracking integration:

        by Vincent Le Moign
        Jul 11th, 2012


        Great, it works!
        But I have an alert with Chrome about an “insecure content” in the Deliver page after paying, maybe because of the javascript?
        Before using your script, Iw as using the script adapted from the Curebit documentation, it worked too and I didn’t get any warning message.

        Anyway, always great to see how much you care and add new functiosn to help us 🙂

        by Vincent Le Moign
        Jul 11th, 2012


        I Confirm it: the script trigger an alert message in Chrome and propose to load or not load it. Big problem: if I don’t load it, Curebit don’t detect the payment, so the offer won’t be triggered. And even worse, if someone expect a rebate, it won’t happen because the sale wasn’t detected.

    by Shane Williams
    Aug 17th, 2012


    So…..DPD can now be integrated with an affiliate program easily? We would still need to manually payout our affiliates right? (non-techie over here obviously, lol)

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