Weekly Sales Summaries, Product Uploader Improvements, Purchase List Improvements

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 24, 2012
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Today we’ve released a minor improvement update for DPD that tweaks existing features and adds a new weekly sales summary email.

Weekly Sales Summary

Each vendor using DPD will now receive a weekly sales summary email every Monday morning that includes a summary of all sales (and DPD service updates) from the past week.

Vendors can disable the summary email in their profile by going Account > Profile in the top menu bar. If you’re currently getting the per-sale notification emails from DPD and think you’re geting too many but still want to stay on top of sales then the weekly sales report might be right up your alley!

As with all new features, we’re looking for feedback on the sales report emails. We’ve already received some very good feedback and we’ll continue to gather more, then make updates based on what vendors want to see. Send us a ticket and let us know, or leave a comment below.

Product Uploader Improvements

We’ve done two changes to how you upload products in DPD:

1. We’ve improved the default uploader and removed the size limit cap. You can now upload any size file using the main uploader.

2. We’ve dropped the alternate Java based uploader. It caused a lot of support problems, put people off with the security warnings from Java, and we just generally hated it. With the improved default uploader we don’t need it anymore, so it got the axe.

As always, you still have the option for FTP upload and we still recommend it for larger files and bulk product uploads. We’ve added a link to the FTP upload tutorial on our video tutorial site, DPD University.

Purchase List Improvements

Finally, we’ve made a small tweak to how the purchases are displayed on the purchase list, and added a filter so you can view purchases by their status in DPD (active, pending, refunded, etc.).

This change was made in part to clear up a discrepancy between the dashboard sales figures, which counted only active sales, and the purchase list, which previously included all sales of any status and in part because it’s just better.

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    by Chris
    Oct 28th, 2012


    Glorious. Looking forward to the reports.

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