Update: Edit Purchase Customer Info, Set Default Payment Method, Custom Field Tweaks

  • Jason@DPD
  • November 5, 2012
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In today’s update we’ve released two new features and a tweak to our new Custom Fields feature related to free checkouts.

Edit Purchase Customer Info

You can now edit a purchase and change the name and email associated with that purchase. If the customer email that you’re changing the purchase to exists in your account already, we’ll automatically merge them. If they don’t, we’ll create a new customer record.

Additionally, for tangible orders you can edit the shipping address for the order. Of course, this only applies to orders with tangible goods and not downloadable orders.

This, along with the existing ability to change a customer record, should allow you to resolve any issues where a customer changes their email, typo’s their info, etc.

Set Default Payment Method

Most vendors allow for checkout through multiple methods, for example Stripe and PayPal. If you prefer to mark one processor as the default option to encourage buyers to use that method you can now set the default.

To set a default method, edit the payment method (found under Payment Methods in the left menu) and check the default box.

We add a star indicator to show which processor is default:

In the cart, that processor will be selected by default during checkout:

So, you can now encourage people to use in-cart credit card checkout, the processor where you pay the lowest fees, etc.

Custom Field Tweaks

Previously custom fields that were marked as required were not properly requiring an input for free checkouts. This is fixed, so all checkouts, free and paid, will require input on custom fields that are marked as required when creating them.

Other small tweaks:

  • Removed unused styles to speed page loads
  • Tweaks to new form styles for cross-browser compatibility
  • Small change to PayPal Express method for reliability
  • Fixed 404 error when editing default price points instead of editing the product record

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    by Jason Evans
    Nov 08th, 2012


    Thanks for the Default Payment Method – it’s great.

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