New Feature: Import Customers in to DPD

  • Jason@DPD
  • November 19, 2012
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Vendors can now import customers for product stores. This is handy for when you have buyers through another marketplace who you want to track and send product updates to through DPD, or buyers who purchased through another shopping cart before you made the switch to DPD.

You can only create a purchase for a single item with the import customer feature, but you can create as many single item purchases as you need for any given customer if you need records for multiple item purchases.

Once a buyer is imported you can use all DPD features such as the Send Product Update and Customer Newsletter features to communicate with your buyers.

[box]Please note: The import buyer feature is not available for DPD free trials. This is to prevent spammers from creating DPD free accounts and importing email addresses to send spam using our email features.[/box]

The import buyer feature uses a simple CSV (comma separated value) spreadsheet to import customer and purchase records in to DPD. The only required fields are the product ID that was purchased and the buyer email, although many optional fields are supported like name, price, discounts, shipping, taxes and more.

Full details on supported fields and formats as well as a template CSV file to perform the import is available in our knowledge base at the Import Customers page.

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