Keycode Products Now Require Approval

  • Jason@DPD
  • February 12, 2013

Keycode products are products that deliver a product activation keycode or URL by themselves or with a download.

Currently, 4% of products in DPD are keycodes. Of that 4%, we’ve found that a large percentage of those are used for illegal purposes, being it selling stolen software or game activation keys, links to download stolen software not hosted by our service, and more.

This is against the DPD Acceptable Use Policy and we can not, as a responsible company, tolerate distribution of stolen or illegal keys with our service.

For this reason, all new trial and paid accounts now have keycode products disabled by default. In addition, we are cracking down and doing an account-by-account search for illegal activity and closing those accounts without warning, as outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy.

We understand that there are legitimate uses for keycode products- thats why we designed the feature! It is not our intention to penalize vendors who have legitimate uses for keycode products, and vendors who are currently selling legal keycodes are not affected by this change.

[box]If you would like to sell keycodes for software that you developed, or other legitimate, legal uses please contact us with your site address, legal business name and contact info, and the software you’ll be selling and we’ll manually review and approve you to create keycode products.[/box]

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    by Chris Jackman
    Feb 18th, 2013


    Dear DPD,

    I applaud your integrity! I am proud to be one of your clients. How refreshing!
    Even though I lost money, I broke off a business relationship with a certain provider because of portraying women as sex objects in their advertising. I’m very pleased that DPD holds to a high standard of integrity. Kudos!

    Thank you. Honesty will be rewarded in the long run.


    Chris Jackman
    Shuv Store
    A happy DPD client.

    by Dan Harrison
    Feb 18th, 2013


    Fantastic, great to know! We already know that you really care about the service you provide!

    As you know, I need key generation for my software, and it looks as if you’ve already approved it for my account. Thank you.


    by Tanja
    Feb 18th, 2013


    Aloha from Maui!
    I don’t use any keycodes, but I am happy to see the culture of your company is one of high values. Bravo!
    A Hui Hou,

    by Mary L
    Mar 07th, 2013


    I’m happy to see anyone cracking down on fraud, but I am one of the legitimate keycode users and typing in a captcha code for every single transaction is kind of a pain. I wish I could just type in a code when I sign in to validate who I am and what I’m doing, instead of having to type in a code for every transaction. This isn’t a huge deal on my desktop, but delivering keycodes from my tablet when traveling is clumsy.

    by Sergio Rodriguez
    Apr 04th, 2013


    What if I’m reselling pre-paid services that I already paid and have the Key Codes?

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