Jun 7 Update: Bulk Coupon Creation, Squashed a few Bugs

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 7, 2013

Today’s update brings a often requested feature enhancement and fixes a couple minor bugs uncovered by vendors.

Bulk Coupon Creation

Previously we’ve had vendors who wanted us to create many single use coupons to give away as promotional items, in exchange for payment in offline settings like conferences, etc. We’ve always been happy to create these manually, but it was a time consuming process that required a developer to manually insert them in to the database, making the vendor wait.

Well, no longer. Vendors can now create multiple coupon codes with the same settings by inserting multiple codes, one per line, in the coupon creation form.

Once you submit your multiple codes, we’ll show you a confirm page for you to double check and make sure that everything looks ok before they’re actually created.

Bulk coupon codes are useful for a number of different scenarios- Offline sales at conferences or in person, promotional giveaways, email and physical mail promotions, etc.

Tip: If you need random codes generated for your coupons try Random Code Generator

Other Changes and Bug Fixes in this Update:

  • Added coupon to Sales Notification
  • Added merge vars for subscription information on invoice
  • Sped up best seller query on dashboard to address load speed issues
  • Fixed text display showing raw HTML on affiliate TOS
  • Fixed Short description label for combo create (used to just say “Description” which was inconsistent with product creation)

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    by Joao Bacalhau
    Jun 07th, 2013


    You guys are doing an amazing job, keep going!

    by Dean Forss
    Jun 10th, 2013


    We have a coupon need for single downloads. Is there anyway to accomplish this? Our model is not adding multiple items into the cart because it didn’t make sense to us. Thanks for any insight into this.

    by Greg Thurman
    Jun 10th, 2013


    It’s astounding what you guys have been able to accomplish in the last few years. I admire the DPD work ethic and appreciated the continual improvements. Thank you!

    by Joe
    Jun 10th, 2013


    This is huge! We were hoping for something like this and BAM, here it is! Thanks guys, it will have a big impact and save us a lot of time creating and sorting through promotions.

    by Brian Lucas
    Jun 19th, 2013


    You guys got me out of a bind with my last provider. I was dreading setting up a new system, but it was so fast and easy, I made the switch ahead of schedule. Definitely appreciate the constant desire to improve the service as well. Very happy customer here!

    by Richard Page
    Jul 02nd, 2013


    thanks for coupon improvements.
    Please HELP! I cannot read my FileZilla FTP Password;
    Looks like:

    by Jason@DPD
    Jul 02nd, 2013


    Richard, I’ve removed your password from your comment.

    You need to send us a support ticket at https://getdpd.com/user/ticket after logging in to DPD and we’ll be happy to help you, but we can’t give password support in public blog comments.

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