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  • Jason@DPD
  • July 10, 2013

Hey! This is Jason from DPD. If you’ve ever done a support ticket with us more than likely we’ve exchanged emails as I tend to do most of the support related functions around here. I have hesitated to write this post for quite some time because I don’t want to offend vendors who contact us for support, and I worry that my tone or manner may come across as “angry support guy” when my intent is to help vendors get the support they need quickly. So, with that in mind, please read on!

Below are some tips to get better, more timely support from DPD.

If you have a DPD account, please log in before sending us a support request

Our support system will accept inquires from people who aren’t logged in to DPD. This is so we can take pre-sale questions from people who are asking about DPD before they create an account.

However, often times a vendor will send us a support ticket without being logged in to DPD and from an email address that is not associated with their DPD account at all. If your DPD email is and you send us a support ticket, without being logged in, from we have no way to look up your account.

If we can’t look up your account we can’t access your stores, transactions, or any of the other information we need to properly provide you with support. If we can’t look you up, we have to reply and ask you what your login or DPD email is, wasting your time.

Speaking of email….

Make sure your DPD account has a valid email address

You guys have no idea how often we get a support ticket and reply in a timely fashion only to have it bounce back as undeliverable (because the email address doesn’t exist). This is typically followed up by 2-3 more angry tickets from the same bad email address wondering why we don’t respond to their previous request. It’s enough to make a poor support guy go crazy!

We totally understand that you might use a throw-away or fake email address to sign up for DPD because you don’t want spam. We hate spam too, which is why we never do it, ever.

Also, if you have an invalid email and you are subject to a DMCA takedown notice, virus scan warning (we scan everything on our servers and notify vendors) or other account issue and we can’t get in contact with you we have no choice but to suspend your account until you contact us. We can not risk the integrity of our servers or legal standing because of an invalid email address.

Please, use a real email. We’ll only use it to get in contact with you for support issues.

If you have an issue with a particular transaction or customer, give us the customer email or DPD purchase ID.

We often get emails like:

“A customer complained that they couldn’t download their product.”

DPD has thousands of vendors doing literally millions of dollars in transactions. We have absolutely no way of looking in to a customer or download issue if you don’t provide us with the customer’s email address they used during the purchase or (ideally) the DPD purchase ID for their purchase. Even if we can narrow it down to your account and the correct store, if you have more than one transaction we don’t know which one it is.

Not providing customer or transaction details just means we have to ask you, slowing down our investigation and resolution of the matter for you.

You can get the DPD Purchase ID from the Purchases list in the left menu after logging in- it’s the number beside every transaction.

If you have more than one store on your account and you have an issue, tell us which store we need to look at.

We often get requests that say “PayPal is not working on my store” only to check the account and see there are 10 stores, all using some variation of PayPal.

We don’t have any way of knowing which store is not working correctly so we have to reply and ask which one we should look at.

If a button is not working as you would like on your web page, give us the URL of the page with the button

We often get tickets like:

“The lightbox is not working on my page. Help…”

“DPD is broken on my website”

We don’t mind checking out your website to see what the problem might be (usually missing javascript or the button code is clipped when pasted) and we’d love to take a look and give you some guidance, but we need your web page URL to do so.

We do have a field during store setup for website URL, and if that is in there we can reference it. However, it’s an optional field because many people sell their products through ads, facebook, twitter, email campaigns, etc. and don’t have a sales website. Also, if you have many products or pages on your website it’s much faster for you to tell us the exact page we need to look at than for us to dig around on your website and guess which page you’re talking about.

The items above are generally the things we need to research your issue and help you with a solution. By providing the information in your support ticket you will save the back-and-forth time required when we have to ask you for more info.

Less back-and-forth means quicker resolutions to your problem!

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    by Joao Bacalhau
    Jul 11th, 2013


    I have been stuck around with DPD for a few years and I have “spammed” a lot DPD support but I can say that they are super friendly, take your problems with top priority and aid you in everything you need. One word to describe DPD support: Excellent!

      by Steven
      Jul 20th, 2013


      Yes, I agree, it`s excellent support, really superb.

    by Ryan
    Jul 15th, 2013



    You were super helpful both times I had a ticket and then also before I was even a customer. Between that and a much better user interface than e-junkie, not to mention a better service offering, I’m very happy with DPD


    by Joe
    Jul 15th, 2013


    I’ve got to agree with both of the posters above. You guys are great and your awesome support is a huge reason we love DPD.

    by John
    Jul 15th, 2013


    Here, Here! Best support we have ever experienced. Justin was even nice when I did something really stupid and he dug me out of the result.


    by tom
    Jul 16th, 2013


    Great Post.many thanks for share… expecting more.

    by Matt
    Jul 16th, 2013


    Always had great support. Always prompt. Nice to get that human touch in these times of “Press 1…”. Companies that divert a bit of their profits to actually getting humans to answer are the ones that will prosper in the end. We the people have had enough! Sorry, went off on a bit of a digression there. DPD revolutionised my business so I will remain their loyal customer.

    by Michael
    Jul 17th, 2013


    I have contacted support several times and have always had a good experience. DPD is crucial to my business and I appreciate the efficient customer support. And your post didn’t sound like the “angry customer support guy.”

    by Brooks
    Jul 21st, 2013


    Jason is AWESOME!

    I have dealt with him several times over the past few years, and have nothing but great things to say about his customer service and product!

    Keep up the great work!

    by Dan Harrison
    Jul 25th, 2013


    Hi Jason

    You’ve ALWAYS been excellent for me. A great article, and perhaps something you should link to from the support pages? When I do support myself, I have the exact same pains!

    You and your team do a great job, and it’s appreciated.


    by Brian
    Aug 01st, 2013


    Great post! Log it under “help me help you”. Didn’t read angry at all. I can’t really comment on tech support because I haven’t needed it yet! Great service! Got me out of a pinch with an old provider and it’s been smooth sailing since. Keep up the good work!

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