New Product Feature Rolling Out: Multiple Fulfillment Based Delivery

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 10, 2013

Fulfillment based product delivery is the future of DPD and what we will be migrating all stores and products to over the next 30 days.

What are Fulfillments?

Previously with DPD you picked a product type (download, key, service, tangible, etc.) and were locked to just that product type. With fulfillments, you’ll just select if a product is digital (no physical delivery) or tangible and then you can add as many fulfillment methods to the product as you like. This makes it possible to create products with multiple files, products with multiple files and a product key, a product with multiple files, a key, and delivery text (like service products), or any combination of the above.

So what does this mean for me?!

Well, thats a good question! Here are the big improvements for vendors with fulfillments:

  • You no longer need to use a combo and multiple product slots to deliver multiple files.
  • You no longer need to zip multiple files to deliver them all as one product. Of course, you still can if you want to!
  • When delivering multiple PDFs you can now stamp them all independently with different stamps. DPD will automatically display stamping options when you upload a PDF file
  • You can sell products, delivery page text, and keys all in the same product
  • When selling multiple MP3 files in the same product you can create preview players for each file

How do I get it?

Everyone will be upgraded to fulfillments over the next 30 days. All existing stores will be converted to fulfillment stores and have all the benefits of the new system applied to their existing products.

If you want to test or use fulfillments now you can create a new store. All new stores are already fulfillment enabled so go nuts!

We’ll be converting existing stores just as soon as we can. We’re going to do them in batches and review the conversions to make sure there are no issues so it will take us a bit, but it’s going to happen!

How does it work?

Instead of picking Download, Key, or service when creating a product you’ll now be presented with a simple choice:

Fulfillment Product Type Selection

Digital Product Type:

Allows you to deliver any combination of files (including multiple files), a product key, or delivery text (for instructions, a link to a support area, etc. only shown to paid customers) on the completion of a purchase

Tangible Product Type:

For selling physical goods that will be delivered. These collect shipping charges, have a place for you to put the tracking number to send to the customer after the sale, etc.

Bundle / Combo:

Products made up of other products, for example- MP3 Albums made up of other tracks that you also sell individually, value packs of multiple articles or books that you also sell individually, a digital version + tangible version combo, etc.

After you pick your product you’ll set the name, price, SKU, description, etc. as you always would:

Product Edit

And then you’ll be sent to the Manage Fulfillment Methods page where you can add any combination of the digital delivery methods:


You can add a key, delivery message, and as many files as you like, and you can drag and drop the fulfillment methods to reorder their display on the delivery page:


When the product is purchased, the delivery page will list each individual file, key, or text block as you have ordered it on your fulfillment list.


For file types that have specific options (MP3s, PDFs) those options are available per-file, so you can now create multiple mp3 previews (one for each file instead of one per product) and stamp each PDF in the product with different settings if desired.

Per file fulfillment options

You can also edit or add fulfillment methods to an existing product by going to the product’s details page from the DPD product list.

Product updates work as you would expect too- if you update a file or add a new file to a product, we’ll send the updated/new file(s) to your customers when you send a product update.

The Future

Fulfillments are a major architecture change with how DPD delivers products to your customers. They are an important first step toward many advanced features that we’re planning on adding and will now be possible due to this change.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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    by Sheila Martin
    Jul 20th, 2013


    Sounds great, Jason! And it’s good to know that you have big plans for the future of DPD.

    by Richard
    Jul 29th, 2013


    Jason is there a way to fast track the fulfillment feature for my account. I noticed above it stated to create a new store but I would just like it on this one. Can you help me?

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