DPD Update: Dashboard Speed Improvements and Customer Requests

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 26, 2013

Today we’ve released a minor update for DPD that addresses a few issues:

Dashboard Speed Improvements

We’ve changed the way we calculate, cache, and display the MTD, YTD, and lifetime stats in an effort to improve the load speed on the Dashboard. We are aware it was very slow for some vendors, so we’re doing our best to improve performance everyone.

If you had a slow dashboard before please let us know in the comments below or in a support ticket if the situation has improved, is worse, etc!

Customer Requests / Improvements:

  • We now record billing address country for all processors that provide it. You can get this data by exporting your Purchases lookup to CSV.
  • PDF watermarking now supports custom fields. For more information, see the PDF Stamping / Buyer Tracking KB entry.
  • Made a small change to the affiliate system to display 0 stats for months with no affiliate activity. Previously we didn’t display empty months at all.
  • Fixed a validation error when editing customer records
  • Prevented moving products from non-fulfillment stores to fulfillment stores since product records are not compatible.
  • Fixed broken DPD support email that was used in some system email templates from DPD to the vendor.

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    by Joao Bacalhau
    Jul 26th, 2013


    Seems to be way faster now, I had some hard times with Dashboard page before.

    Thank you DPD.

    by Steve K
    Jul 27th, 2013


    Yes that has fixed it – if you had the dashboard bookmarked as your entry point for admin work (as I did for years), it was always painfully slow getting in to do anything, now you get straight in and in a minute or two the stats display – but the point is you are in quickly.

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