DPD Update: Coupon List Improvements and Future Plans

  • Jason@DPD
  • May 7, 2014

Today we released an update to our coupon module that makes it easier to browse and manage coupons, especially when you have created many single use coupon or discount codes.

Coupon List Improvements

The coupon list now features a more compact table that lists more coupons at once and includes filters so you view specific coupon status, or a specific coupon name.

Coupon List Improvements

Color Coded Coupon Display

We have also color coded the coupon display to show inactive coupons as red and future coupons (which are not yet active but aren’t technically “inactive”) as yellow.

We hope being able to see at a glance the status of a coupon by its color will make it easier to understand what is going on with a specific code (and stop vendors from having to email us asking why their future coupon shows as “inactive” like an expired coupon).

Bulk Edit Coupon Status and Delete Coupons

In addition to the list and filter improvements, we have also added the ability to bulk edit the coupon status or bulk delete coupon codes. Simply check the box and use the menu at the bottom to select the action.

Coming Soon

This is a minor update but we’re not resting on our laurels- The entire DPD team is in the middle of a migration to move all DPD servers to Amazon Web Services. We’ve always used Amazon S3 for product backup, storage, and delivery, and now we’re moving everything else for greater scalability, speed improvements, and redundancy.

We will be making a dedicated post about the AWS migration and what it will mean for vendors soon.

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    by Joao Bacalhau
    May 07th, 2014


    Would it be possible to add something like a instant discount on all available products/bundles?
    Using this option costumers wouldnt need to apply any kind of coupon.

    Would be very useful to those who have 500+ products.

    by Ken
    May 07th, 2014


    I’m sad you guys haven’t done anything with the affiliate management system. It is not anywhere near as useful, functional, or modern as the rest of the DPD system.

    An overhaul was said to be forthcoming long ago.

      by Jay
      Jun 03rd, 2014


      I agree with this. A more robust and flexible affiliate system would be great.

    by Chris
    May 13th, 2014


    Nice. Would love to be able to create coupons for a custom group of products. That was the update I was hoping for. At the moment we can create a coupon for all products or for one product, but it would be so useful to be able to create coupons for a selection of products.

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