DPD Update: Per-Product Affiliate Hoplinks, admin and theme tweaks

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 15, 2014
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In this update we made an improvement to the DPD affiliate system as well as added a couple features to the admin that vendors have been requesting.

Per-Product Affiliate Links

You can now enter a product URL on Product -> Edit and we’ll provide a per-product hoplink to your affiliates that leads to that URL in their affiliate control panel.

To give your affiliates per-product hoplinks:

1. Log in to DPD
2. Go to Products in the left menu to open your product list
3. Edit the product you want to add a product URL to
4. Enter the product’s full URL in the field provided and save.

hoplink URL

Your affiliates will see, below the website hoplinks, any product specific hoplinks you have configured:


A Word about the affiliate system in DPD

We know that there are many features that need to be added to the affiliate system in DPD to make it a robust, full featured system.

The affiliate system is the oldest code in DPD, written back in the days before stores or even the cart existed.

We are working on an entirely new, full featured affiliate platform to replace the current one. This feature was added into the existing system because it was causing a major headache for many vendors, but our primary focus is the new system that will replace the current one. This is why there are not many affiliate updates at this time- we’re focusing our resources on the new and improved system.

Please, bear with us while we work on this huge improvement to DPD

Other Changes in this Update:

  • Added a Coupon Name filter to the Purchase list
  • Updated the coupon report to use the new coupon name filter as well as the coupon code filter for doing lookups
  • Added a language template global you can use in all cart text areas
  • Made purchase reactivation use the customer record email, not the purchase record
  • Fixed the sort on import from FTP list in file fulfillments to use name sort order
  • A few stability and performance tweaks related to our new hardware migration / platform improvements

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