DPD Update: Use your own S3 File Fulfillment, UI Updates, Bug Fixes

  • Jason@DPD
  • August 13, 2014
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Today we released a new purchase action that allows you to deliver a file from your own S3 bucket. This is an often requested feature for advanced users only.

This is an advanced feature that will cost you money.

Have no illusions about this feature–

Its complicated to set up, requires that you generate and enter your AWS credentials and file URLs, and will cost you money in addition to your DPD monthly fee. This is only for advanced users only.

You are responsible for all storage and bandwidth/delivery fees incurred through Amazon S3 for files delivered from your S3 account.

The vast majority of users will use DPD’s built in file storage and delivery by using a simple “Deliver File..” action. This uses the storage space included with your DPD plan and does not charge any additional fees for storage or bandwidth. With a deliver file action all you need to do is upload a file to DPD and that is it.

Other changes in this update:

  • Updated the UI on DPD Admin list views (purchase actions, payment processors, shipping, etc.)
  • Tweaked the way we handle duplicate PayPal IPNs to prevent transaction errors.
  • Fixed an issue where empty 3rd party conversion tracking integrations would cause checkout failure
  • Removed a restriction that would cause hard coded “continue shopping” URLs in the button code to not work as expected
  • Updated UPS integration to assume all addresses are residential
  • Required javascript enabled to complete checkout where tax is collected, eliminating a way to avoid taxes.
  • Added new graphics and logos throughout the DPD admin
  • Removed unused legacy admin plugins to improve performance

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