DPD Update: Authorize + Capture flow to prevent double charges, New Extra Sale Notice integration

  • Jason@DPD
  • August 25, 2014
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Today we released an update that changes the way we charge credit card transactions to prevent double submits of payment information resulting in double charges.

Authorize + Capture Flow for Credit Card Transactions

This change is somewhat technical and should be invisible to buyers but will address an important support issue affecting credit card users.

DPD has always used javascript to prevent double submits of the payment form in the DPD cart. However, recently there have been more and more timeouts when submitting charges to mainly Paypal Payments Pro where their site would fail to load (outside of DPD’s control), the buyer would give up and reload the page defeating any javascript we could do, and submit a duplicate charge.

The change released today now splits Authorize (to see if the funds are available) and capture (to actually charge the card) in to two separate transactions. This lets us double-check to see if there is more than one capture being sent for a transaction and cancel any duplicates before they are charged.

The end result should be no more double charges for customers even if the payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, etc.) time out.

Extra Sale Notification Email Integration

Another often requested feature, We’ve added an integration that lets you send an extra sale notice email to anyone you choose on a per-store basis. This email is the exact email that the account owner gets if they select the “Send sale notice emails” option in their profile.

This is a per-store setting and you can add as many extra sale notice emails as you like.

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    by Jason@DPD
    Aug 26th, 2014



    It is under Integrations in the left menu. The profile is for your whole account and integrations are per store.

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