DPD Update: Customer Merge, Free Product Email Template, Bug Fixes

  • Jason@DPD
  • September 11, 2014

Last night we added a couple often requested features and released several bug fixes and tweaks.

Customer Merge Function

DPD vendors can now merge customers in to one customer record. Previously, you were unable to change a customer’s email address (which is how they’re identified in our system) with another customer. Now if you try to change a customer’s email to one that already exists we’ll ask you if you want to merge the customer records:


New Free Purchase Email Template

We’ve added a new template to free purchases, including products with a 0 price, “send free download” products, and sales that result in a 0 total after discounts/coupons.

You can customize this email independently of your paid thank you email template. We have gone ahead and copied your paid email template to your free email template so if you’ve already customized your paid email it will still be sent to free purchases instead of the default template.

This is so you can format free purchases and giveaways differently from paid purchase thank you emails, if desired.

Other Fixes and Tweaks in this update:

  • Fixed the profile PayPal email not being used for affiliate MassPay files in some cases. Now DPD will use the profile PayPal email if it exists, and the account email if it does not.
  • Fixed refund status for partial PayPal refunds. DPD will not mark the purchase as refunded and disable download for partial refunds now.
  • Fixed state/province not persisting on cart shipping form error.
  • Additional logging for purchases to aid in management and customer support investigation. Additional logging can be seen in the purchase log on each purchase page.
  • Fixed cart sale notices not being sent to the correct address in some instances.
  • Fixed cloning (copying) a product with non-latin letters in its name.
  • Added shipping_street2 merge var to the default invoice. If it exists it will be shown, if not the merge var is hidden.
  • Made available custom field response merge vars to purchase email templates. You can now use { custom_x } using your custom field IDs to merge them.
  • Updated spanish cart translations with help of a native speaker vendor.
  • Added “Capture” to the list of refundable actions.
  • Fixed the display of processor fees for Stripe that were disabled in the last update (oops!)

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    by Matt
    Sep 15th, 2014


    I just want to shout out to Jason and the entire DPD team. You guys are really a fine example of a responsive, hard working team, continually developing and improving on your excellent product. I couldn’t be more happy with the service I have received, and I feel like you guys truly understand what I’m looking for in a digital product delivery service. Keep up the great work!

      by Greg Thurman
      Sep 15th, 2014


      I second what Matt said. The DPD crew is the “Dream Team” of the digital delivery market space.

      Thanks guys!

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