EU-VAT 2015 Module and New Invoice Released

  • Jason@DPD
  • December 29, 2014
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We’re making a lot of EU-VAT related changes here at the end of the year and updates will be rolling out over the next couple days in preparation for the Jan 1st deadline. Here are the current changes:

New EU-VAT 2015 Module Released:

This weekend we released the new EU-VAT 2015 tax module.

You can now configure your stores for the 2015 EU-VAT changes by following the instructions in this updated KB article:

EU-VAT changes that are being released in the next few days:

  • Set your own EU-VAT 2015 rate per tax class (we’ll provide the default country rates, you can override them if you sell a special class of item)
  • We’re going to record the tax class and update the reporting to show rate charged by tax class (for when you set a non-standard rate as above).
  • Expanding the reporting after the 1st. This is non-critical for the 1st since reports are due quarterly, but we’ll get it in there in the next week or so.

Tax Advice:

We have had a flood of tickets asking us for tax advice. I’m sorry, but we’re not tax professionals and we are not qualified to give you tax advice. We strongly encourage you to speak to your accountant or tax professional for advice on if you need to collect EU-VAT.

Specifically, we have been asked by numerous US vendors who have no tax nexus in the EU if they have to collect VAT for EU sales. This has prompted a number of US vendors to ask for the option to disable EU sales completely. We strongly suggest you speak to your accountant or tax professional on if this is a wise decision and the enforceability of EU tax law on non-EU countries.

  • Based on the feedback we’re getting in tickets, we will be implementing the blocking of sales to EU countries. However, this is a large project and it may not be released by the 1st.

New Invoice Template:

As part of the EU-VAT 2015 changes and as a general upgrade to all DPD stores we have implemented a new invoice template based on Bootstrap 3 for responsiveness and print layout for all stores running the current cart version. This new invoice includes all sales data collected by default. It also includes the required EU-VAT 2015 data.

The invoice is now a set template that that includes everything a vendor has ever asked us to include on the template- literally everything from the purchase. There are the standard above / below text areas like every other page of the cart so you can add custom text.

We have already received some feedback on the new invoice. Some of it is good, some bad.

We are going to make the following changes to the invoice over the next few days based on that feedback:

  • Make custom field responses shown on the invoice optional (Theme -> Invoice Page Option checkbox)
  • Compact the layout a bit to keep it printing on one page
  • Show store name or logo correctly at the top of the invoice. This is bug that is being corrected ASAP.
  • Add an invoice-custom.css to the theme assets for advanced customization if desired.

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    by Chris Scott
    Jan 01st, 2015


    Thank you guys for busting your asses to get this done so quickly. As much of a nightmare as it is for us vendors, I can’t even imagine how much more work this is for you guys to implement and check and double-check that everything is compliant. Kudos to the DPD team for your hard work and transparency, especially over the holidays.

    So thanks. And now I hope you can all take a nap. Happy New Year.

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