DPD Update: Expanded Support, AWeber Integration Upgraded, Admin and Cart Tweaks

  • Jason@DPD
  • March 30, 2015
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Expanded Support and Live Chat

You may have noticed that a new guy has been responding to tickets lately. Several months ago we brought on Chase as a part time customer support rep to answer tickets daily, and today I’m happy to announce we’ve added him as a full-time member of the DPD team. I’m sure everyone will enjoy faster responses to their support tickets and more staff means more features for everyone!

Speaking of more features, we’ve also added live chat support to the DPD Admin for all logged in vendors. When support is available the live chat tab will show “Chat with Us” and when nobody is available for live chat it will show “Submit Support Ticket.” We also have the Knowledge-base available 24/7 that has answers to the most common questions.

Updated AWeber Integration

We’ve upgraded our AWeber integration to use the new API method to add buyers to your AWeber lists. This should be much more reliable than the old parser method where we sent a signup email to sometimes-monitored-sometimes-down AWeber email address.

Because its an API method and we get a response from AWeber for each signup we are also able to log the action in each purchase’s Log section at the bottom of the purchase detail page:

AWeber Logging

Now if someone didn’t get subscribed to a list you can quickly check the transaction and see why- if there is an error response it will be listed there.

Those vendors with existing parser AWeber integrations will need to upgrade to the new API method. You’ll need to disable your old parser based integration (marked as Not Supported) and enable the new API based method, which is super easy.

Any new integrations added will automatically be the new API method since we’re ending support for the old parser based method.

You can read more about it by going to the AWeber Integration Instructions in our KB.

Other items in this release:

  • Fixed white-space collapsing in v3 EULA.
  • Fixed contact vendor feature of affiliate program.
  • Added display of available product keys on product/list (table view) and the purchase action list.
  • Added current store name to store chooser partial at the top of the nav menu.

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