Oct 7, 2015 Update: Goodbye old and busted, hello new hotness.

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 7, 2015

About a million years ago in internet time we released the first version of the DPD cart. It was pretty awesome for the early 2000’s, but the internet (and DPD!) have moved on. We’ve since released the v2 cart in 2011 and the v3 cart this year, which adds a whole slew of new features, responsiveness, and better customization.

When we released these new versions we never forced anyone to upgrade. This lead us to having vendors using 3 different versions of DPD, some of which (v1 and v2) are barely supported anymore. It’s a bit of a support and development nightmare.

Automatic Version Upgrade!

Well, today marks the end of the v1 cart for everyone. We loved you baby, but we’ve moved on with our lives. All active v1 carts have automatically been upgraded to the v3 cart.

Vendors don’t need to do anything but enjoy the more reliable, responsive and feature rich checkout experience.

This is one of several preparation steps to releasing our new session based download system that is going to improve the customer experience (and reduce vendor support headaches) for everyone!

In addition to the automatic upgrade:

  • Added VAT exceptions for Azores (18%) and Maderia (22%), Portugal; and the Canary Islands (0%), Spain.
  • The pulldown builder now allows sorting product order during creation.
  • Fixed a bug where a product with no active purchase actions was able to be purchased. You can now deactivate all purchase actions and temporarily prevent a product from being purchased.
  • Combo products now list the bundled products in the correct order on the product detail page.
  • Fixed incorrectly calculating the longest subscriber stat in subscription stores.

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    by Joao
    Oct 07th, 2015


    DPD always getting better, you guys rock!

    by Greg Thurman
    Oct 12th, 2015


    I love all the ‘techie’ updates! Thank you for this : )

    I do have a concern though… I periodically update my product and then (out of necessity) charge a fee – if the user wishes to do update. This means that after uploading my new product file, it will automatically show this new version on their purchase page.

    Since my product is an Excel file, it is not an easy process of simply uploading my new features and functionality to their old file, which means the user needs to export their old data to the new file. I am usually involved with this process (it takes a lot of support on my end), thus the need for a small update fee.

    When I upload the new product versions, it deletes the older ones. So, does this mean that any time a user wishes to update their file, they will automatically get the new product version that I’ve uploaded, and then expect me to spend the 30-minutes of support time?

    In my case, I’ll need a way to opt-out of the “anytime” re-download, and still be able to reactivate users download links whenever the situation arises.

    Please let me know. Thanks guys!

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