New Features: Product Upsell Feature and Store Policies

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 29, 2015

Product Upsells

Today we released our new product upsell feature. This feature lets you configure an upsell product to be offered when one of your products is added to the DPD cart or during instant checkout. This encourages your customers to spend more and increase your cart totals!


For each product in DPD you can configure the following:

1. The Upsell Product to be offered from your currently available products.

2. The Upsell Message to be displayed, such as “Upgrade to the Deluxe version for $3 more!”

You can view a demo of the new Product Upsell Feature on our product demo page.

Store Policy Support

DPD now supports store policies to be displayed in the footer of every page of your DPD hosted cart and checkout. This is for compliance with some processors and merchant account providers and to better protect vendors.

Once configured from the Policies menu item under Store Options in DPD the policies will be displayed in your cart footer as seen below:


These new policy links only show if a policy is configured in DPD. The links open to a new page that displays the policies you have defined.

We’d love to hear your feedback on product upsells, the new policy support, and whatever other features and options you’d like to see- please drop us a line through our support desk or talk to one of our support team on live chat and let us know!

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    by Halona Black
    Nov 02nd, 2015


    I’m excited about this feature! I wish I had known about you guys a few years ago!

    by Dave
    Nov 02nd, 2015


    How do you activate or add the upsell feature to an existing or new product?


      by Jason@DPD
      Nov 02nd, 2015


      Dave- Edit your product. you’ll see a new “Upsell” section on the product edit page. You pick the product you want to offer the upsell for and add your message as you see fit.

    by John Sonmez
    Nov 03rd, 2015


    Glad to see this feature, but is there any way to make it be offered after the first purchase rather than before?
    I’d really like to be able to offer a single click upsell after the customer has made a purchase, as that is the best time to do it.
    Or even if I could just redirect them to a landing page after completing the purchase, that would work as well.

    by Alex
    Nov 23rd, 2015


    Yeah. Agree with John. It would be great if the one-click upsell is shown AFTER the customer has made the purchase. Looking forward to this addition.

    Also, is there a way to collect recurring payment? Right now it’s only one-time payment. I don’t need the content to be hosted on DPD subscription area.

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