DPD Update: New Button Generator and Product Widgets

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  • January 18, 2016
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Based on overwhelming feedback over the years we’re happy to announce the addition of a new custom button generator and product widgets to DPD. In addition, we’ve revamped the button creation process to better organize the new features and options.

Creating Buttons and Widgets

Buttons, widgets, link codes, QR codes, and product choosers are now created from the product list by selecting the Link Code option for a given product.

Grid View: Move your mouse over any product and select link code.


List View: Select Link Code from the product menu.


Both links open the new Link Code page for that product that include all the new options as well as a “Classic Button” option to generate the old style DPD image based buttons for existing sites and PayPal branded buttons.

Custom Button Generator

The new custom button generator gives you the ability to create buttons with customized colors, text, and price display to match your website. DPD will automatically remember your last color choices used for that store so the next time you return it will be pre-configured and ready to go.


Custom buttons can be shown with a price bubble attached in several orientations:



Or no price at all:


Colors and text can also be customized to your heart’s content:


When creating buttons you can specify if its an instant checkout product, add-to-cart button, link to the DPD hosted product page in your cart, or a view cart / checkout button.

You can also select if you want to use the overlay cart on your web page or make the buttons launch the cart in a new window or specify an override continue shopping URL as with the old buttons.

New Product Widgets:

DPD has added the ability to create 3 new product widgets- Landscape (horizontal), Portrait (vertical), and No Image.

Product widgets include the product description, price, what is included with the product, and optionally the product image. Description text is customizable, and like the buttons all colors and button text are customizable too.

Basic Download Product

Widgets look best with square images at least 400×400 in size. For information what size product images work best with all DPD features, please see our new KB article on Product Image Guidelines.

Old Style Image Buttons

We recognize that you may be currently using the old style image buttons on your website, so they’re still available under the “Classic Button” tab of the new Link Code generator.

Also retained from the old generator is the ability to create product choosers / select boxes, plain link codes, and QR code images.

Other Updates in this Release

  • Updated chromeless lightbox for all carts
  • Fixed from/reply-to email headers for some emails that were going to spam
  • Mark imports for free checkouts as sending the correct email
  • Escape values in CSV/XLSX export
  • Implemented 3rd party integrations for redirect URLs
  • Updated translations for Upsell page.
  • Mark tracking html as sent on customer import
  • Fixed ActiveCampaign integration throwing warning if given a bad response
  • Better Subscribers Export (Added XLSX support, Added Status column to export, Export honors currently selected filters)
  • Updated weekly sales email to modern responsive template
  • Styled product/edit image upload area
  • Add Singapore to Stripe countries

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