DPD Update: New custom button sizes, close button on cart.

  • Jason@DPD
  • January 25, 2016
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New Custom Button Sizes

Today we released an update that gives vendors two new button sizes when creating custom buttons using the new button generator. This is based on feedback from vendors who wanted smaller buttons to integrate with their design. There are now small, medium, and large options.







Close Button on Cart

Also based on feedback from multiple vendors, we added a close button to the DPD cart overlay. Evidently some buyers were confused how to close the cart (you can click anywhere outside of the cart to close). You can view it by clicking any of the buttons above.

These changes were based on customer feedback. We appreciate any feedback you can give us on the new button generator and updated overlay cart- Just drop us a support ticket or a message in live chat to let us know!

Other Changes in this update

  • Fixed an issue with the product select box in the admin on the new button page with Firefox browsers
  • Fixed an issue with required custom fields not showing the proper field error messages when not completed
  • Fixed a cookie issue that affected the overlay cart when using Safari
  • Adjusted the z-index of the overlay cart so that sites with other overlay elements always appear below the cart
  • Fixed a double-escaping issue on the product bulk edit page that mangled some product names

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