DPD Update: Streamlined Product Editing and Product Visibility

  • Jason@DPD
  • April 22, 2016
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We’ve just released a completely redesigned product edit page that greatly reduces the length of the form and adds modern features like drag-and-drop image uploading.


Some highlights of the new product edit form:

  • Drag-and-Drop image upload. Simply drag your image to the image area, or click to open a standard file dialog to select your image.
  • The form now puts the most crucial fields required to configure the product at the top of the page.
  • Optional features are now collapsed at the bottom of the form, including the EULA feature and Upsell feature. One click expands these options for editing and they’re automatically expanded if previously configured for the product.
  • There is a new sidebar product status / save box that is always with you on the page- no more scrolling to find the save button

New Product Visibility Setting

The new product visibility option replaces “show on cart index”:

  • Public – shown on cart index, default state for new products
  • Hidden – must have the buy or add-to-cart URL to purchase, not shown on cart index
  • Disabled – new status which lets you temporarily disable a product without deleting it

In addition to the “coupons disabled” label we released in the last update, we’ve added new product status indicators throughout DPD so you can tell at a glance what visibility state your product is in by looking at the colored “dot” beside the name.



The indicators are simple- Green for public, Orange for hidden, Red for disabled.

Other changes in this Update:

  • paypal ship-to state support
  • updated romania vat rate
  • removed support for gif images

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    by Alex
    Apr 23rd, 2016


    One of the new features I like to see is to support monthly subscription/recurring payment via Stripe. I think sendowl has this feature.

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