DPD Update: Test Credit Card Processor and Customer Notes

  • Jason@DPD
  • July 13, 2016
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In this update we’ve added two new often requested features and several bug fixes.

Test Credit Card Processor

We’ve often been asked for a test credit card processor so vendors can privately test their products and stores. In response, we’ve added a test credit card processor, available under Payment Methods in the left menu, that you can activate to complete test checkouts.

Test Card Processor in Payment Methods

When the test card processor is activated it automatically generates and displays a unique card number to be used for testing checkout. This is the only card number that will work with your store. This is to prevent random people from using published test card numbers from Visa, Mastercard, etc. to get your products for free.

Generated Card Number

We place warnings all over the DPD admin and cart when the test processor is active. Obviously, it goes without saying that when a test processor is active you won’t collect any money for product sales and it should be disabled before going live.

Cart Test Mode 1

Cart Test Mode Payment

When you are done using the test card processor, simply return to payment methods, edit the test processor, uncheck the “enabled” box, and save to disable.

The test card processor works for older v2 stores, the current responsive cart theme (v3), and subscription stores.

Customer / Purchase Notes

Another often requested feature that we added are customer and purchase notes. Vendors can now enter notes on a specific purchase or customer record and they’ll be recorded in DPD for later reference. Notes are for vendor eyes only- they are not public or published anywhere outside of your account.

Notes entered on a specific purchase are shown on that purchase’s details page.


They are also shown on the customer page, with a link to the purchase they were entered on. Customer notes (unrelated to a specific purchase) can be added on customer page too. They’ll display without a related purchase ID link.


You can edit and delete notes as needed, and you can create as many notes on a customer or purchase as you like. We hope this feature will make customer service tasks and internal tracking easier for vendors.

Other minor changes and bug fixes in this release:

  • Tweaked back button behavior on Buy Now buttons
  • Improved flow validation during checkout
  • Updates to the Stripe gateway
  • Fixed a display issue on subscription ended timestamp
  • Performance improvements on the send product update feature
  • Fixed missing currency display on purchase/list
  • Fixed password label on login page for Chrome browser
  • Updated cart translations to include previously untranslated strings and new features
  • Updated the favicon on the cart
  • Performance improvements to the PDF stamper

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