DPD Update: Basically like, the world’s most boring DPD update ever.

  • Jason@DPD
  • March 8, 2017

I’m going to level with you guys: this update is pretty boring. Nothing here is of much consequence to the average user, so if you don’t like reading stereo instructions then you can probably skip this one. Its full of boring back-end bug fixes and minor changes and one fairly boring interface change. Still, I’m going to blog about it so people know we’re doing stuff behind the scenes!

Fixed the dashboard graph so it’s not wonky. There was a bug that made no-sales days not show up for some people. We fixed that. We also addressed some weird time zone issues where datapoints would show up on the wrong day due to the earth being round and everyone setting their clock differently.

Dealt with silly, undocumented PayPal changes. We actually do this pretty often, but in this release there were some tweaks to the PayPal Standard code we use to validate IPNs and activate purchases because they decided to randomly stop sending us crucial bits of information we look for.

Fixed the affiliate purchase search. In some cases searching transactions by affiliate didn’t work, so we crushed that bug so hard it screamed.

We made it where you can edit the purchase status on purchase/edit. You know, for those cases where you might want to edit the purchase status when editing a purchase.

Updated the VAT rate for Romania to 19%. They decided to change their VAT rate, so we did too. This actually went out quite a while ago, but it’s included in this publish cycle so I’m using it to pad out this list a little more.

Added a drag-and-drop asset uploader for the theme system. This is the most visible feature in this update; now you can drag and drop images, css, and js files to the theme page and it uploads them. You can select these assets from the little image inserter thingy on the editable regions of the theme pages. It works really well!

We made DPD delete things more better. Things like when you delete a theme, we delete the assets now instead of just leaving them sitting there, looking all lonely without a theme. #OrphanAssetsMatter

We did all sorts of stuff so assets will be uploaded directly to AWS S3. We’re not going to store cart assets (like images) on our servers–they’ll be in the cloud! This is pretty funny since AWS had their first S3 outage in years and pretty much broke half the Internet last week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Kidding! Amazon S3 is super reliable, over 99.99% uptime. Half the Internet, including DPD, runs at least in part on their services. This change greatly increases the availability and scalability of cart asset hosting.)

Slightly changed the layout of the theme page so it works better on smaller device screens. Now the layout works down to the minimum layout with in our admin CSS. Thrilling, I know.

Tweaked product key delivery to handle higher frequency sales. There were some conditions where high frequency sales (like 100s an hour) would occasionally cause keys to be over-sold even when that option was disabled. We addressed that, so you guys sell as many product keys an hour as you want!

We found a query that was making DPD slow for lots of people and then removed it. Hopefully this will drastically improve page load speed for certain high volume vendors with tons of products, sales, and customers.

Made some not-random but minor and undisclosed code changes you’ll never even notice. We pretty much futz with something every day to make it a little better, a little faster, or to address a security or support issue. We did quite a bit of futzing in this update, but its all really minor and we’re not going to itemize them all. Just know we’ve been doing stuff to make stuff better!

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    by Joao B
    Mar 08th, 2017


    And no update on the Create New Coupon page for the Maximum Item Count (Discount Conditions) :/

    by Justin
    Mar 13th, 2017


    Thank you for your continued commitment to DPD. I know you guys are hard at work on some bigger updates. After using DPD for 4yrs, I hope you don’t mind two suggestions.

    1. Updated (modern) checkout template that is one page. Conversions are shown to be much higher when this is the case. It’s the main reason we haven’t switched to v2 of the checkout template.

    2. Standard subscription support (that doesn’t charge per user or have a ‘user’ area). You know, just set a subscription amount and cycle and customer is billed accordingly.

    Thanks again fellas!

    by Greg Thurman
    Mar 13th, 2017


    …the best update commentary ever! Thanks for all the boring updates. We need more boring updates. This boring update will be the most entertaining thing I read all day, quite sure of that.

    by Susan Gast
    Mar 22nd, 2017


    OMG Funniest update I’ve EVER Read, Jason! LOL

      by Susan Gast
      Mar 22nd, 2017


      LOL #OrphanAssetsMatter — yeah, had to post again. Thanks for a great laugh first thing this morning, though I know the stuff you all did/do is important!

    by Penina Petersen
    Mar 30th, 2017


    Yes agree. Boring but so well delivered. Great writing!!! If you can make boring interesting, maybe you should write a novel. Just saying…

    by Josh
    Apr 23rd, 2017


    Great update commentary! I second Justin’s request for a one-page simple checkout and fee free member area/checkout. I have only been a member for a week, but love it so far compared to my old digital products provider (who shall not be named)

    by Alessandro
    May 18th, 2017


    I too second Justin’s request for a modern one-page checkout template. BTW nice blog post 🙂

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