The All-New DPD Cart Plugin for WordPress

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 14, 2018

This week we’ve released the all-new DPD Cart plugin for WordPress.  The DPD Cart Plugin 2.0 is available for automatic installation in the WordPress plugin directory and adds the following features to your WordPress site:

  1.  Adds the required DPD javascript to the blog header to power the Lightbox cart (optional) and product widgets.
  2. Adds a button to post and page visual editors to insert DPD buttons in your content.
  3. Adds a store page and individual product pages to your WordPress site.


Installation instructions are provided in the WordPress Plugin Directory so we won’t repeat them here, but here are some important notes:

Setup, Product and Price Point Visibility

Once you enter your API Username and Key from your DPD Profile Page and save it the plugin will pull your list of stores from your DPD account.   You can select any store to use with your WordPress site.   Only products that are marked “public” in DPD will be shown with the plugin, and the plugin will always use the default price point on generated pages.

Using (or not using) features

You don’t have to use the store and product pages if you don’t want to.  You can activate the plugin and simply use it just to get the cart.js in the header to make the Lightbox cart work on your WordPress site.

You can also link directly to product pages using their ID in the URL once you’ve created a product page template with the required shortcode.  For example, here is the product page for product ID 3062 in the DPD Demo Store linked directly:


We went with the decision to use “shortcodes” instead of automatically generating pages so that if your theme has custom page layouts (such as full width, different sidebar position, etc.) you can create a new page, name it what you want, include it in menus where you want, and pick the page layout.

However, this makes creating the two pages (shop and product) a manual process, so you’ll need to create these pages following the instructions in the plugin if you want to use these features.  Its easy though- a simple cut and paste of the shortcode in to the page editor.

Modifying the design

We provide some layout controls and color pickers in the theme options:

But… there are a million WordPress themes out there and its impossible to design the perfect style for all of them, so we deliberately made the shop and product pages simple and provided an easy to use CSS file in the plugin css/ directory for you to modify.  You can also modify the output of the shortcodes by editing the template files in the shortcodes/ directory.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or bug reports with the new plugin- we’ll be updating it regularly and adding new features as needed.

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    by matt
    Jun 14th, 2018


    Nice work guys! Great idea. I’ll definitely be checking this out

    by Alana
    Jun 27th, 2018


    Guys, this is SO perfect. Thank you for creating this plugin. My site has grown to over 300+ products. When I first started, I only used text links. Now I want to add buttons to each product but have been dreading the process of converting 300+ links to buttons. One question for you. Is it possible to alphabetize the list of products when selecting selecting from an item from the editor drop down button? Perhaps I missed it. Thanks again!

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