New Feature: Installment Payments for Products

  • Jason@DPD
  • June 19, 2018
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Today we’ve added the ability to create installment payment price points for your products in DPD.    This lets you do things like “3 easy payments of $29.99” or similar when selling your products.

Some Conditions to using Installment Payments:

  • Currently, installment payments are supported using PayPal Express Checkout and Stripe.
  • Installment payments are an optional price point on products and can be added to any existing or new product with a fixed price.  All products in DPD must be created with a fixed price first.
  • Installment Payments can only be used with buy now buttons as processors don’t support mixing installment and non-installment items in a multi-item checkout.

Creating Installment Payment Price Points

You add an installment price point like any other price point in DPD by going to the product detail page.   We have detailed instructions with screenshots in our KB article on creating installment payments with DPD.

Some Example Installment Payment Setups:

Here is “3 easy payments of $20”

Here is “$49, then 3 payments of $29”

Here is “$249, then 12 months at $39.99” (useful for if you want to charge for ongoing maintenance or support services)

Some Important Notes and Warnings:

  • Installment payments support coupons, but coupons will only be applied to the initial payment. Subsequent installment payments will be the full price specified.
  • Installment payments use your store currency set in store preferences for all payments.
  • Customers will gain access to the purchase after the first payment is made.  You are exposing yourself to risk that the customer may cancel the recurring payment arrangement in PayPal, etc. after downloading the product when using installments.  By using installment payments you are assuming this risk- we’ve warned you!
  •  You are free to charge more or less for the initial payment, but it can not be 0.  This is because of the way the different processors handle creating a billing arrangement and inconsistent support for free payments.

For more information and detailed setup instructions including screenshots, please see our KB article on Setting up Installment Payments for Products.

Other Changes and bug fixes in this update:

  • Fixed coupons not being passed through the upsell page.
  • Improved user password security
  • Added new IPs to PayPal
  • Added Marketing Opt-In to purchase exports
  • Updated our Zendesk (support) SSO code
  • Added caching to Dashboard Stats to improve load times
  • Added display of Price Point Name to cross- and up-sell pulldowns

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