Certificate Update and a Storm’s a-comin!

  • Jason@DPD
  • September 13, 2018
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Just a quick note to let you know about two important issues-

Certificate Update

Google Chrome has deprecated  trust in the Symantec certificate authority.  Because of this, we’ve updated our SSL certificates to prevent errors showing to Chrome users.

You don’t have to do anything here- it’s already done.  A few vendors have written in about it and we just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve handled it and it will not be an issue with DPD service.

Hurricane Florence

DPD has offices in North Carolina and Georgia on the US east coast.   As you probably know from the news, a significant hurricane is about to plow in to the east coast, and extreme weather is expected across the region with high amounts of rainfall, flooding, and sustained high winds.

First of all-  DPD and your stores and products are safe.  DPD uses redundant cloud based and physical servers in industry leading data centers and there is no chance they’ll get flooded in a basement somewhere, so rest easy 🙂

That said, our support and development teams are in these states.  Due to the impending hurricane and weather events outside of our control (power loss, internet loss, cell phone networks down or overloaded, etc.) our support staff may be unable to respond to support requests or be available for live chat during the weather event.  If you send in a support request once the storm hits Friday there may be a longer than usual delay to get a response. 

Please know that we’ll respond to all requests as soon as we can!  Thank you in advance for working with us during the storm!

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    by Greg
    Sep 13th, 2018


    Thank you for the update guys (as always).

    Hurricane Florence… please do not harm our DPD staff and their families. Thank you!

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