DPD Update: Affiliate Site Update, Custom Out-Of-Stock Messages, Better Logging, and More

  • Jason@DPD
  • October 8, 2018
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In this update we’ve released a new out of stock message feature, an updated design for the affiliate mini-site that your affiliates see, and a few bug fixes and tweaks to existing features.

Affiliate Mini-Site Redesign

We’ve updated the affiliate mini-site to be more modern and on-brand with our current color scheme.   We also updated the icons, form styles, etc. to match our current DPD sales and admin.

Custom Out-of-Stock Messages

When vendors use the sale limit feature for limited edition products that have a fixed quantity to be sold or custom products that should only be sold once they can now enter a custom out of stock message that will be displayed when that product is “sold out.” 

This is useful for vendor using “only 100 copies will be sold!” strategies or those selling seats to an event or seminar and want to give a custom message other than “this product is sold out.”

Better Logging

A lot of our support requests come from vendors asking when a specific action happened on a product or purchase.  This could be something that happened automatically in the background like a customer requesting a device reactivation, or when a vendor edited a product or purchase themselves, etc.

We’ve added logging for when customers request new device activations and when vendors resend the purchase email for a given purchase.

We have even more logging coming down the pipe in the near future!

Other Fixes and Tweaks in this update:

  • Updated the old logo on server error pages
  • Device activation tweaks to make new device activation more seamless up to vendor set limits
  • Updated ConstantContact integration to mark actions as “visitor”
  • Added Marketing Opt-In status to the data sent by the DPD IPN integration
  • Updated our “CSV” record download processor for better support
  • Updated Stripe integration to send more data (name, address info) to Stripe so transaction searches in their admin are easier.
  • Fixed a bug where capital letters used in domains would break some widget / button functions in edge cases.
  • Updated our Google Maps support for the purchase page maps

We’ve brought on more staff and we have some exciting updates coming soon, so stay tuned!

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    by Matt
    Oct 10th, 2018


    Keep up the good work guys! Really appreciate it

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