New Admin Updates Based On Vendor Feedback

  • Jason@DPD
  • January 10, 2019
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We’ve had mostly positive feedback from vendors since launching the new admin earlier this week, but there have been a few bugs and a couple user interface issues we needed to address. We’ve been continuously releasing updates this week as things pop up, so here is a rollup of changes we’ve made:

More Transparent Product Key Inventory

A vendor wrote in and told us how important it was to be able to see available key inventory from the product list and suggested some changes to make his and all “key sellers” lives easier so we implemented them!

For products that deliver product keys, we now display the available key number with a color coded icon for inventory status on the product list and product detail page:

Red icon for no keys, yellow for less than 10 keys, and green for more than 10!

Easier to Find “Send Free Download” button

Before the redesign there used to be a button on the product detail page to send a free download to someone. We’ve received a lot of tickets asking where that went (we put it in the action menu button at the top) so to make life easier for everyone we’ve added the button back to the product detail page.

Now you can send free downloads like a madman without going in the menu!

Other Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Fixed some buggered CSS in the affiliate mini-site from the update
  • Moved export button on reports pages to the top
  • Added some back buttons to purchase transaction detail pages
  • Fixed a bunch of minor styling inconsistencies on various pages
  • Fixed the send free download “success!” page style
  • Fixed an issue with affiliate link codes not generating properly
  • Increased global text size based on vendor feedback
  • Increased global gray text contrast based on vendor feedback
  • Fixed the affiliate / vendor mode switcharoo.
  • Made the product “bulk edit” page search field label more descriptive of its capabilities (hint: it searches everything on the page)

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