DPD Update: Some Customer Requests!

  • Jason@DPD
  • February 13, 2019

Now that our new admin is out the door and stable for everyone in this DPD update we’re adding some features and tweaks requested by our vendors!

Added Ability to Disable Sale Notifications for Free Checkouts

You can now disable sale notifications for free checkouts by turning them off from the vendor profile. Basically, you can get no notifications, notifications for free and paid checkouts, or just notifications for paid checkouts.

Sale Notifications ON + Free notifications OFF = only paid notifications

To get to the profile go to the top right corner of the screen in DPD and select vendor profile from the menu.

Added Product Update Emails for Tangibles

Some vendors used product update emails to communicate with buyers about tangible item pre-orders, production updates, etc. so we made them available for that product type.

Just like every other product type, you can send a product update from the product’s details page by going to Products in the left menu and then clicking on the product name.

Added Text Areas on Portal index and Portal Login Pages

Vendors wanted to be able to insert text on the customer portal pages just like every cart page, so we added above and below page body text areas for this page.

Edit all the text.

You can get to these new text areas (and all the other text areas) by going to Settings > Checkout and clicking the edit Text areas button on that page.

Added Affiliate Fields to Order->Create and Order->Edit

You can now manually specify an affiliate and commission due for manually edited and created orders. DPD doesn’t do any Automatic calculation since thats done at checkout, but you can manually specify a payout if needed.

Select Affiliate and set payout

Added Option to Use UPS Negotiated Rates

By default, DPD quotes the “published” rates for UPS. Some vendors have special rates negotiated with UPS. They now have the option of quoting those rates to customers during checkout. If you have negotiated rates and want to quote standard rates, leave the option turned off!

Updated French Cart Translations

A native French speaking DPD vendor provided us with better translations, so we updated them! We always try to use translations provided by our native speaking vendors when possible.

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    by Ivo Ivanov
    Feb 13th, 2019


    Fantastic work, DPD Team! We’re very grateful for these options – especially the free download email opt-out, as we literally got hundreds if not thousands per week for years!

    by David Sherry
    Feb 19th, 2019


    Hi, Thanks for the updates.
    However, one I suggested does not seem to be on the list. When doing a ‘cross sell’ e.g. If a full price product includes another product at a discount, as a special offer, when you then go to the final purchase page, it shows the 2 products, and it’s possible for the customer to just buy the discounted product without buying the full price product at the same time i.e. they can remove the full price product. What should happen is that when you view the final purchase page, the option to remove the full price product from the basket, leaving only the discounted product, should not be available. I have mentioned this to one of your support team and he thought it was a good idea and would pass on my request. See the Masonic Media site for an example. David.

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